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DirectCPV – Delicious Goodies

If you’ve heard of DirectCPV before, it’s most likely you know it as the smaller, beginners PPV network. Yes it is smaller than and however their method of displaying ads is second to none. Feast your eyes to the imagery below:

CPV Direct PPV Networks

We have all read about interrupting and shocking users with PPV. This is due to the fact that MediaTraffic and TrafficVance define what PPV is. DirectCPV basically redefine PPV by opting for interstitial ads instead of pop up/under. No longer do you have to focus on “shocking” the user, since you have their full attention to start with. This is the main reason why DirectCPV gives me the highest ROI of the PPV networks.

One of the most simple campaigns to start off with in PPV is just finding an affiliate and targeting that URL. For example you have an affiliate offer for, then you target the url If you use this technique with TrafficVance and MediaTraffic users are presented with a pop up/under of your affiliate page as well as the original page they were browsing to. I imagine users would usually close the pop up since it looks odd with the scroll bars and keep going with the path they were originally intending. When using this technique with DirectCPV, users are less likely to close your ad and press “skip”. Since there is only one window open as opposed to two.

International Targeting:

Below is a list of countries ranked in order of most volume:

  • Brazil
  • United States
  • Italy
  • Egypt
  • Spain
  • Argentina
  • Mexico
  • India
  • France
  • Malaysia

DirectCPV have got more traffic from Brazil than they do from the US. They also have a lot of European traffic. An easy way of scaling your campaigns is to extend out to different countries.

Top 50 Targets:
Category Insurance::Auto
Category Internet::Security
online poker

Keep your finger on the pulse of DirectCPV. In my opinion they have one of the best publisher programs over at Volume will soon follow.


P.S. I understand a decent percent of my readers have chronic ADHD. So I created an exciting side game. It’s called “where are the referral links”? First person to comment the correct number gets a complimentary man hug.

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TrafficVance – Demographics & Tips

Disclaimer: All stats in this post are TrafficVance estimates.

TrafficVance is growing at rates too big to ignore, flexing their muscles with 40-50MM unique users.

I’ve been running with TrafficVance since 2008. I’ve always had the assumption (yes I was possessed by the assumption devil) that TrafficVance would be heavily skewed towards younger demographics. My thinking was that it was the tweens and teenagers downloading all adware since it was usually packaged with games. I was wrong…

Below is the TrafficVance breakout of age groups:

demographics traffic vance

Although stats for people 17 and below are not included in this pie chart. I got confirmation that the vast majority of TrafficVance users are within the 25-44 age bracket. Around 60% of users are between 25-44. This explains why auto insurance, education, credit repair and submits (Walmart, Target, Best Buy, groceries and Dell) are the offers killing it on TrafficVance.

demographics traffic vance income

There is a large percentage of 100k+ household income users that are often overlooked. The most attention is given to users in the low income bracket. There is potential to make waves with golf, wine, and travel offers etc.


  • 70% are online every day

This stat is extremely important. Pay attention to your “individual user cap“. So many people just ignore this feature. You are losing a lot of money if you have set it to the default 24hrs.


  • 54% have some college or higher.


  • 63% are married
  • 60% have children


  • 70% shopped online 
in the last 30 days.

Good to know! That’s exactly why targeting checkout pages converts like David Beckham in the 90s.


  • 1st – 35-40% of traffic
  • 2nd -25-30% of traffic
  • 3rd – 15-20% of traffic
  • However there are a lot of variables that can skew these stats. For example the amount of bidders or whether it’s a root keyword (credit as opposed to credit card).

If you ever get caught up in a bidding war and come out as the victor, let it simmer for a few days. Once you are stable at first place, slowly decrease your bids. You might find that the person you were bidding against has disappeared off the radar. The difference between bidding 0.02 and 0.04 is huge in terms of the outcome of a campaign.

Last note:

We all talk about distracting, shocking, and interrupting a user when using PPV. Next time you design a lander take a look at a color wheel like this and pick out opposing colors. Its a great start to get CTRs up.

PPV colors landing page

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Pimp Your PPV Page!

So you wanna be a player? But your page ain’t fly? Just hit us up. To get a pimped out page. You gotta pimp my paggeeeeeeee!


There have been a lot of questions flying around about PPV landing pages:

When should I use a landing page?

ALWAYS make a test with a landing page. Even if the offer page is extremely relevant to your targets and the user only needs to enter their e-mail or zip code. Never assume direct linking will convert best. Assumption is the devil in affiliate marketing.

If I need a lander, what kind should I use?

When most people get a pop up they immediately start moving their cursor towards the exit window button. You have a maximum of 2 seconds to change their mind. You need to somehow interrupt users from what they were originally going to do.  Guess who are good at this technique?

Yes, bums, hobos, homeless people. They have a few seconds to grab your attention. Just a few seconds to make you go into your pocket and grab some change. Once you walk past you aren’t going back.

They count on their signs to convert people into giving change to allow themselves to pay for their next meal.

Simplicity is the key here. A simple clear message. You also have an advantage over hobos as you know where your user is wanting to go. Use that knowledge to get a reaction from the user.

If you are targeting communities, they are likely to have their own lingo. Study that hard. Use that in your landing page. An example of this would be, if you are targeting “” you would use “pedo bear” “skittles” “sumit” etc with your text.

Here are some key features you can use in your landing page:

  • Countdown clock
  • ppv landing page clock
    Sometimes potential customers need an extra push. A countdown clock adds that extra bit of pressure for action. Plus, it gives exclusivity by saying “sign up now or you’re going to miss out”.

  • Dynamic Query String Insertion
  • If your target is “” you can dynamically insert “” into your landing page. For example “Welcome users” or “Looking For”

  • Autoplay Muted Videos
  • PPV networks don’t allow you to use any auto playing audio on your lander. But I have found that videos that are muted are still effective. Here is some example code:

    embed src=”slap.avi” width=”400″ height=”340″ autoplay=”true” loop=”true” volume=”0″

    If you want to use a video from youtube, you will have to download it and host it on your own server.

Try these bad boys out and pimp your page!

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Top 100 TrafficVance Targets
Traffic Vance targets

It's easy to catch small fish in small streams but you're only going to get small fish. Next time try the ocean.

My strategy for the majority of my campaigns is to mold them around a large traffic source as opposed to finding an offer and looking for a small fitting traffic source. If you get your campaign working you will hit the big leagues.

If you want more ideas for hitting big traffic sources and creating campaigns around those you have to check out Smaxor’s post here.

Without further ado here is the top 100 targets on TrafficVance with the most volume:
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This Will Make You Rich – PPV Campaign

Disclaimer: Rich is a relative term. It could mean $10/day or $1,000,0000/day depending on where you live. The following method is not going to make you the next Richard Branson or Dennis Yu but it will help pay rent and maybe generate enough to get your significant other a nice Valentines Day present.

For those of you who may get annoyed at me for outing this method, don’t.

So let’s get down to business.

PPV + Branded Submit Offers + Brand targeting = $$$

Let me explain the variables in this equation. They break down like this:

Rich Branson and Affiliate Marketing

Happy Richard Branson

1.) PPV –,, and any other networks you can get your hands on.

2.) Branded Submit Offers – Apple, Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle Apparel (I am running this campaign at the moment), etc. also have a good range of these submit offers.

3.) Brand Targeting – The grouping together of relevant brand keywords and URLS.

I set up the American Eagle Apparel campaign as a test for this blog post. It took me 6 minutes to get the campaign running. I always like to be top bidder at testing phases so I know what conversion rates I’m working with. I will then alter bids depending on results.

Remember when you’re using multiple PPV networks for these campaigns to keep an eye on ROI and bid prices etc. as explained in my previous post.

Nothing groundbreaking. Nothing big. Just easy money.

Do it, do it!

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PPV Networks Uncovered (Part 1)
PPV Networks Uncovered

PPV Networks, Same Same But Different... A Lot Different.

Question: Do you really know what you’re paying for on PPV Networks?

Answer: For 90% of you the answer would be no. Most PPV networks are just not prepared to share that information even if you asked.

Typical Scenario: So you have a steady PPV campaign going, you’re the top bidder, and you’re not hitting your daily cap. Mostly likely you have then thought about scaling and thinking hey there are all these other PPV networks I can run the same campaign on and double or triple my money. HOLD UP.

Point: Did you know that PPV networks share their traffic? Did you know that if you bid on the same targets on different networks you maybe creating a bidding war with yourself? All PPV networks have a percent of shared traffic, that varies hugely between networks.

Point: You will see how different networks conversion rates differ so much, when your bidding on the same target over different networks. I originally thought that the only difference would be the different ways the pop windows were served. WRONG. Some networks are heavily reliant on their PPV/XML feed that they make available to publishers. Sure they will allow you to get more traffic but there has been real problems controlling fraud on these feeds.

Solution: Next time you’re thinking about scaling your campaign across multiple networks. Take note of you’re ROI, bid prices and you average daily spend on the first network you run your campaign on. You will start to see what networks are feeding off other networks, and what networks have the most junk.

I have had a keyword campaign do great on Traffic Vance, but totally fail for for Media Traffic. But then I have had a URL campaign do awesome on Media Traffic which got destroyed Traffic Vance. I have found smaller networks like Direct CPV have a lot better quality traffic.  Every campaign I’ve moved over to smaller networks have trumped the bigger networks in terms of ROI even though my bids were very similar, however they just cant compete in volume.

Bottom line here is test EVERY network possible. I know some networks are great with keyword targeting and others are better for URL targeting. Test everything you will see huge differences.

Part 2 coming soon..

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