PPV Networks Uncovered (Part 1)
By on Feb 08, 2010
PPV Networks Uncovered

PPV Networks, Same Same But Different... A Lot Different.

Question: Do you really know what you’re paying for on PPV Networks?

Answer: For 90% of you the answer would be no. Most PPV networks are just not prepared to share that information even if you asked.

Typical Scenario: So you have a steady PPV campaign going, you’re the top bidder, and you’re not hitting your daily cap. Mostly likely you have then thought about scaling and thinking hey there are all these other PPV networks I can run the same campaign on and double or triple my money. HOLD UP.

Point: Did you know that PPV networks share their traffic? Did you know that if you bid on the same targets on different networks you maybe creating a bidding war with yourself? All PPV networks have a percent of shared traffic, that varies hugely between networks.

Point: You will see how different networks conversion rates differ so much, when your bidding on the same target over different networks. I originally thought that the only difference would be the different ways the pop windows were served. WRONG. Some networks are heavily reliant on their PPV/XML feed that they make available to publishers. Sure they will allow you to get more traffic but there has been real problems controlling fraud on these feeds.

Solution: Next time you’re thinking about scaling your campaign across multiple networks. Take note of you’re ROI, bid prices and you average daily spend on the first network you run your campaign on. You will start to see what networks are feeding off other networks, and what networks have the most junk.

I have had a keyword campaign do great on Traffic Vance, but totally fail for for Media Traffic. But then I have had a URL campaign do awesome on Media Traffic which got destroyed Traffic Vance. I have found smaller networks like Direct CPV have a lot better quality traffic.  Every campaign I’ve moved over to smaller networks have trumped the bigger networks in terms of ROI even though my bids were very similar, however they just cant compete in volume.

Bottom line here is test EVERY network possible. I know some networks are great with keyword targeting and others are better for URL targeting. Test everything you will see huge differences.

Part 2 coming soon..

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  1. Ad Hustler says:

    I think your right that a lot of people don't know this info.

  2. andrew wee says:

    Great post. adds the reality element to the otherwise idyllic picture of cheap clicks, no QS picture that new PPVers picture before they're brought screaming back to reality.

    looking forward to more. are the other reservoir dogs creating blogs too?


  3. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by BetzitaCobain: RT @JoshTodd: Ladies and gents, give a warm welcome to Mr. Green! “PPV Networks Uncovered (Part 1)” – http://tinyurl.com/ygzsphg

  4. Just just recently heard about Direct CPV and am looking forward to trying it. Thanks for the info

  5. John says:

    Dude, you're right on the money; relying on second hand data is like taking cough medicine for a toe infection, great to see you're doing quality homework and asking the right questions…

  6. […] PPV Networks Uncovered (Part 1) Question: Do you really know what you’re paying for on PPV Networks? Answer: For 90% of you the answer would be no. Most PPV networks… […]

    • Ali says:

      I love Mark Schaefer’s {growtoons}, Ken Mueller featuring The Social Life of Frank and Linh and get a kick out of Jeff Esposito sainhrg his pick fora0cartoon of the day.

  7. Tim S. says:

    Good Sh*t as always Mr Green. I enjoy following your logic – keep up the great work.

  8. Sans Juan says:

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