Plenty Of Fish – New Ad Case Study And Some.
By on Nov 10, 2011

I’m back!

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the lack of my posts. I had a break out of hives that kept me bedridden for weeks. I was forced to eat raw catfish and pea puree for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Now I’ve lost the feeling of my top lip.

I kid; I’ve just been busy.

I don't know why I used this image, just thought it looked groovy. Best excuse I could come up with was "Mr Green Ill" as in "Kim Jong Ill"...*crickets*

Let’s get down to business…

Plenty of Fish came out with a new ad format 310 x 110. I thought I’d give it a whirl and share my results with ya. To make things interesting, I decided to promote something a bit tougher than dating. Plenty of Fish recently added a new targetting option. You now have the option to target people who have pets. So I talked to some people who know people, and found a nice dog training lead generation offer, it was bitch’n (pun intended).

I presented myself four questions for this case study:

  1. Do 310 x 110 banner ads perform better than the 110 x 80 text ads?
  2. Is it better to make the 310 x 110 banners look like the 110 x 80 ads, or is it better to make the 310 x 110 banner ads stand out?
  3. Do cheaper CPMs mean lower CRs?
  4. Can I make a dog training lead generation offer profitable on a free dating website?

I gave myself an $800 budget. I have used exactly the same ad copy and imagery in all ads.

Test 1: Do 310 x 110 banner ads perform better than the 110 x 80 text ads?


As you can see I made two identical ads; the only difference was they were served as different ad formats.


Standard Ad: 3.3% conversion rate, 0.031% CTR | 310 x 110 ad:  4.6% conversion rate, 0.034 CTR.

The 310 x 110 just scrapped through. I did not expect such similar results.

Test 2: 310 x 1110 ad that looks like 110×80 vs a 310 x 110 that stands out.



110×80 look-alike: 4.6% conversaion rate, 0.034% CTR | Ad that stands out: 9.6% conversion rate, 0.17% CTR.

Uhhhhh what the truck just happened there!? DOUBLE the conversion rate, and exactly FIVE times the CTR. I like the colour green for many reasons, this is one of them. That just turned a very weak campaign into a contender

Oooweee I like where things are going. Time to turn the crank up a bit.

Test 3: low CPM vs high CPM.

I tested that lean green 310×110 marketing machine of an ad with a 0.41 CPM and 0.21 CPM.


0.41 CPM: 9.6% conversion rate, 0.17% CTR. | 0.21 CPM: 6.3% conversion rate, 0.058% CTR.

CRs and CTRs dropped heavily as I dropped the CPMs. The ROI was still better on the lower CPM but volume hit the big time. Note how important it is to play with bids. In this one test I increased my CPM by 20 cents which in turn increased the CR by 50% and double the CTR. Isn’t that just swell?

Test 4: Can I make a dog training lead generation offer profitable on a free dating website?

Hells yeah! Still running at 50% ROI.


Summary for my ADHD angels:

adhd angel 310×110 that stand out fricking rock (in the LOLmoney kind of way, not in the geology way).

CPMs alter CTRs & CR like a boss.

Non-dating offers STILL work on POF.

P.S. Targetting info and full creatives will be shared on the forum soon. Why? Well, I’ve been lead to believe that the lead singer from Creed has recently started reading my blog.  I don’t feel like sharing the goodies with him.

Have you guys messed around with 310 ads? What results did you see? Have ya been successful with any whack non dating offers?

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  1. Mccoy says:

    Were you direct linking or using a landing page Mr Green?

  2. Cool says:

    How many days did the test run?

  3. d3so says:

    I also had awesome success using the new size. Good case study! Send me the ad copy. 🙂

  4. Affpaying says:

    Great post Mr. Kim Jong Ill 😉

  5. Can you show the raw numbers. You know I hate percents especially when we don't know if you're findings are statistically significant.

    Love the methodology though.

  6. WP Bounce says:

    I wonder what other non-dating campaigns can work on POF?

  7. John M says:

    I've used them to promote dating since release. I treat them like mini IAB's. CTR skyrockets and ROI has never been better. I have nearly paused all my 110x80s for the moment.

  8. The Kalki says:

    I too have been trying to work out some non-dating offers…been tough getting my demographics down. Didn't think of the pet thing…must try.

  9. Jason says:

    Mr. Green. I'm a long time lurker on your site. Another great case study! I have my own coupon code website which I was looking to advertise during the holiday shopping season. Do you think it could work well in POF?

  10. mrgreenam says:

    Daily deals work, but they have a $2 + CPA and they have optimized their path down to a fine art. The potential is there it just depends how effective your website is in monteizing visitors.

    Test :).

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  12. maynzie says:

    That is badass!!!!

    Wow, there is a lot to be made with those banners can't wait to get home and test that out!

  13. Dave says:

    Awesome test and thanks for posting the details in the forum. It just shows you never know which creative or which demo will really work until you expose it to the market.. 🙂

  14. […] Mr. Green has a new case study on the 310px ads at Plenty of Fish. I ask, is there any traffic left on PoF that isn’t going to Mr. Green’s case studies? […]

  15. now says:

    Omg, POF are really good!

  16. Asheem Jabbar says:

    More than size, what's more vital is how well the ad can catch attention. That's where planning, creativity, and enough sign making supplies will come in. A perfect combination of those will create a sign sure to turn its fair share of heads.

  17. humphrey says:

    hey mr green im having trouble finding good banners to fit for my 310×110 do you no wher ei can find any.i tried to edit some on photoshop but its not working

  18. reeti says:

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  19. We're glad you're back and we always appreciate your jokes. Believe it or not some of your posts helped me with some college papers. That's when I became a fan actually.

  20. I've recently tried an add campaign POF for a weight loss product and had a CTR of only 0.015%. Based your case study I now know I was doing it totally wrong mr green, thank you very much.

  21. Nice case study Nice banner stuff. I might try this as well.

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  24. Council of Hippo; your mom and sister sat in on that one, eh?

  25. you are aware that Claire is leaving patch and going back to the Netherlands right? She is offering the IP info on all the commenters on Patch going back to inception. Mason and Branco got money and they'll pay for it, heard she is looking for 100k or in that ballpark. It' wrong for her to sell the info but its not illegal and she'll be in Amsterdam anyway so what can anyone do about her? My name will be on that roster. I'm retiring from every writing on Patch again, this is going overboard and its all about Greed.

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