Mr Green’s Plenty of Fish Ad Uploader

Individual affiliates spend $250,000/month on Plenty of Fish ads. The ones who make the most, are the ones that move the fastest.

Plenty of Fish Ad Uploader

I present to you Mr Green’s Plenty of Fish Ad Uploader (for Firefox):

  • Create 1000’s of ads in minutes. – Now you can work on your landing pages while the ad uploader is working in the background.
  • Split test ad copies and images. – Since Plenty of Fish is based on CPM pricing, getting the right ad copy and image combination is key to keep CTRs up.
  • Split test demographics. – It takes a lot of time to test different demographics when manually uploading ads. With Mr Green’s POF ad uploader, you can quickly test a range of demographics so you can easily find that perfect setting to get cheap clicks.
  • Export/Import CSV files. – You can now save any campaigns you have previously run, and easily upload them when you wish.
  • Subid generator. – Easily track which of your creatives are converting.
  • No long loading times for ads to be generated – You don’t need to keep your browser open for long periods of time in order for ads to be loaded onto POF. It will take maximum 3 minutes.
  • Blow competition out of the water! – Competition is was tough on POF. Now you can upload and test ads 100’s of times faster than your competitors.
  • Plenty of fish ad uploader

Here is what a few POF ad uploader users had to say about the product:

“Mr Green’s Plenty of Fish Uploader is like having an Easy button – Mate1 ( email to POF”

“It takes me less than 3 minutes to create a new campaign. I can set my pricing, targeting and submit over 20 images each split testing different headlines and ad copies with Mr. Green’s POF Ad-Uploader. It could easily take over 30 minutes using POF’s own system, and we all know time is money” – Justin Barr (Adbotic)

“Mr. Green’s POF uploader tool has increased my productivity on Plenty of Fish exponentially. I can now get whole campaigns up in just a few seconds. This thing is FAST!” – Riley Pool (

Here is a demo video of how the uploader works. Thanks Riley!

It’s yours for $100.

How did I get to that price? Well ask yourself how much an hour of your time is worth to you? Is it $20, $50, $100 or even $1000? Take that number and times it by the number of hours you spend uploading ads each year. If you spend less than 5 hours a year, then don’t buy this. If you spend more than 5 hours/year then this is worth every cent.

  • Now you know exactly what this uploader does.
  • You can calculate how much time it will save you.
  • How much opportunity cost it will save you.

*UPDATE March 18 – Now works with IAB standard ads.*

Click here for more information and instructions.

Plenty of Fish. Plenty of Money. Now in a fraction of the time.

Payment is one-time only. There are no monthly or ongoing fees.

The uploader will be sent to your paypal email. If you wish to use another email address please specify it in the checkout page.

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