A $2000-$3000/day Media Buying Campaign
By on Apr 18, 2011

*This is a guest post by Mike from LeadBolt. Talk about going above and beyond your call of duty. Mike breaks it down like Luther…he certainly made me a believer.*

church preaching

This guide is for medium to advanced affiliates. I would not recommend running this if you are just starting out. I will explain how you can maintain high levels of inbound traffic on your content unlocker through display media buying.

This strategy works great for original video content. So, if you have a video you want to promote you will need the following:

Required Skills & Assets.

•    $500.00 investment

•    SiteScout account

•    LeadBolt account

•    Existing & Successful Campaign on LeadBolt

•    Photoshop / GIMP (Gimp is free!)

•    Banner Design Fundamentals

Again, this strategy is for people already earning and making good money. I will write some more basic strategy guides next. A simple change in a campaign can make all the difference.

Step 1. Setting Up.

To execute this strategy you will need to learn how to media buy on SiteScout (Editors note: I spot this as being a new affiliate hotspot. They serve 1.6 billion daily impressions.).  SiteScout offers Facebook inventory. The banner inventory is not the tiny text / thumbnails you are familiar with on the right panel of Facebook. Rather, this inventory is created by browser extensions. User must have a browser extension installed prior to seeing these ads.

Go forth and click “Create Campaign” with SiteScout. You will see a ton of sites.

sitescout create campaign

Choose FBSKINS, apps.facebook.com, or facetheme.com. (Pro Tip: If you are a very detail oriented person you may want to create (3) separate campaigns and just keep one site on each buy as you can bid accordingly and track which site is working best.) You’ll notice there are a TON of impressions on these sites daily in the USA, so if you execute this properly, it’s EXTREMELY scalable. I have driven $2,000-$3,000 daily on my good days.

sitescout targetting

Now, add a creative. Something like this will work just fine.


Just add a relevant video background and make sure the gif looks like it’s loading.

With the PSD file I have included you should do “okay”. You won’t do GREAT. If you want creative consulting, you’ll need to speak with me individually. Skype: LeadBoltMIKE. (Please note, I have 500+ users on my Skype, and I get hit up non-stop. So please be patient. Lastly, I can’t teach this strategy to people who are 100% new to content locking. If you do not already have a working campaign on LeadBolt I will not teach you. )

Step 2. Media Buying.

Now, set up your media buy options.

sitescout options

Here is something I do not like about SiteScout. They do not tell you what bids you need to get traffic. So you have to guess, and if you guess too high…well SiteScout has so much traffic you can blow through your entire budget very quickly. So, I recommend setting your CPM to “whatever”, set your cap to $5.00 all time. Let it roll, then once the $5.00 is spent, look at eCPM and you’ll know EXACTLY what your CPM bid needs to be.

sitescout ctr

It took me hours to get a 5.8% CTR (Editors note: This number alone took me to believer land.) I used over 25 WELL- designed creatives, in combination with a lot of media buying experience.

  • At 5.8% = 58 clicks per 1000 impressions per $1.50
  • Cost per click = $0.025 per click.
  • LeadBolt’s avg USA EPC is $0.3.
  • BTW, you can geo-target USA only 😉

(Editors note: This is the kind of maths I enjoy)

sitescout day parting

Here are the best times to buy. Stick to this and you’ll never lose. People don’t click junk during the day, they are busy, at work, etc… you must target at night. 8:00PM EST on is gold.

Sitescout geo targetting

Use default GEO settings. If you want to target another country I’d highly recommend:

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • France

Step 3. Design Creatives.

Here’s the HARDEST part. My guess is, if you have no idea what you are doing on the creative, you are going to avg CTRs of 0.20 on FBSKINS and 0.80 on FaceTheme. FBSkins is cheaper than FaceTheme.

I uploaded some basic creatives and here’s what I got:


eCPC = $0.30



eCPC = $0.18

So, initially, you should be able to break-even with FaceTheme. If you design the right creative, and tweak, you’ll be profitable very quickly.
Lastly, and most importantly, with this strategy you can maintain a constant flow of traffic.

Contacting Me (Mike).

Michael Skype: LeadBoltMike

(Editors note: Please don’t bomb him with questions if you are starting out. Get yourself familiar with Leadbolt and content unlocking. Run some campaigns then ask questions. He’s only human!)

*After going through and reading/editing this article for the upteenth time I am becoming more and more hesitant about posting it. But then I thought what the hey! Why keep something for myself when I could give it away! This is just ridiculous…*

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  1. Tracy says:

    Awesome info, thank you!

  2. Dino Vedo says:

    Wow! Great tutorial for Sitescout and content unlocking.. Haven't tried anything with content unlockers but may give it a try now!

  3. Muhamad says:

    Wonderful post mate, thanks for this blog and mike for gaving such incredible & quality media buying guide for free. Definetely love this post 😉

  4. Wow that is just awesome! Appreciate the knowledge! 🙂

  5. Darren says:

    Now THAT'S long-term thinking! Show your members how to make money via your network. I wish AdSense did this, or any other network. I'm sensing your LeadBolt website is gonna be here for a long time dude, you got me I'm signing up.

  6. Concerned Affiliate says:

    Want to double your revenue with this? just run the offer direct and skip on leadbolt

    Average payout on offer $1.2-1.5 😐

    • Mike says:

      First and foremost you'd get about 5-10% more as leadbolt takes a small margin.
      1.2-1.5 sounds low. Our payous are higher and honest (never scrubbed/shaved) and USA epcs are typically 0.38+ (also we dont shave clicks)

      Also! you'll recoop that cost as our widget launches an exit pop upon widget close (+10-15%). This is unique to Leadbolt (…. me waits for other networks to say they did it first 🙂

      Content unlocking platforms actually provide quite a bit of value.

      While the initial buy may start with USA Geo targeting its likely the content unlocking affiliate will leverage social media in some aspect which is entirely untargerted. Leadbolt has offers in most countries 🙂

      Lastly, we all know how tricky incent campaigns can be. There are a lot of quality issues you may not want to have on your hands. Also alot of fraud affiliates run Incent campaigns lowering the payout for the network

      Leadbolt takes care of this with its support staff. We identify fraud on the fly, remove it from the network this increases the payout on the network significantly.

      Hope this was helpful 🙂

  7. Josh_Todd says:

    This is why Mr Green's blog is so much better than mine. 😉

  8. Jonathan says:

    I tried sitescout a week ago, i spent 300$ there, it didn't convert as well as expected and i had to stop wasting money with them, the support is good though.

  9. nice write up.. and a good reminder about day-parting with social traffic.

  10. Mike says:

    Hey everyone,

    This strategy really works for keeping your content locking campaigns running 🙂 … the experts who have used this guide have kept campaigns rolling for days without end.

    hit up myself (SKype: LeadboltMIKE) or Brian (Skype: LeadboltBrian) for any questions.


  11. CPVDen says:

    Great tutorial MR Green. I should be breaking into the media buy market soon and this information is priceless!

  12. d3so says:

    Awesome tutorial! I’ll give it a try.

  13. Markus Allen says:

    Awesome writeup indeed.

    Dayparting is REALLY awesome. That's what I do with Facebook ads…

    … Speaking of, for those looking to buy on a much tighter budget, I was able to get precisely-targeted clicks from Facebook users to my blog post for as little as 4 cents a click. I wrote a Hubpages tutorial about it here:

  14. SiteScout says:

    Great post!

    Re: Estimating CPMs – this feature is in the works. The next upcoming release of the RTB will include an "Estimated Bid Range" for each site, so expect it soon. For the time being, using a very small budget, as described, is a viable workaround for figuring out the going CPM.

    • mrgreenam says:

      That's good news, thanks for popping in!

    • Rico says:

      You are unprofessional.
      I have signed up to site scout like 2 weeks ago and sent you like 4 emails and still got no answer about the approvement.

      So what i think – you are the worst company in whole the IM business, I'm registered to like 200+ companies related to IM (CPA, PPV, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Content Locking etc..) and never had the same situation with no one of them.

      Your angry client,

      • mrgreenam says:

        I hope SiteScout will respond to you. I assume there is a good explanation for the little contact…

        • Rico says:

          Yea now i got an answer and I'm approved, seems like they was busy on the AdTech in San Francisco so they had no time to respond or something.
          I hope that this will not happen again to other customers and i wish you all good luck working with SiteScout.

          Best Regards.

  15. Great tips here and it might make me a believer in this. Might have to give it a shot sometime soon too…

  16. Thanks for the great post mrgreen! Gave me a good idea!

  17. ibarigroup says:

    great post and info.. time to break out my leadbolt account

  18. Jay says:

    Shady network that allows it's affiliates to spam FB.

    Proof: http://i.imgur.com/ELFtf.jpg

  19. Pope says:

    Why Sitescout? Why not just any other media buying company?

    • mrgreenam says:

      You could get other media buy companys to work. However Mike is familiar with Sitescout, and he has created a winning campaign on it already.

  20. Ryan Eagle says:

    This would work great with BLAM Ads, considering our EPC's are far superior. Thanks!

    Ryan Eagle

  21. James says:

    May I ask, are the times wrong in the picture for dayparting? In the text Mike mentions 8pm until 4am, but the Sitescout image shows 8am. I presume that is an error and that 8pm-4am are the best times.


  22. tim says:

    Nice! What what was your ROI on this campaign if you dont mind sharing?

    Also do you recommend using CPV with leadbolt?


  23. Kevin says:

    I have to say that after 2 weeks on Sitescout, we are not fans. We sell 1 product and it is a weight loss product. No rebills, etc. Just flat purchase. We dropped the $500. Then we find out that 90% of they sites they work with that fit our target demo do not allow any type of diet program. Of course you do not know this until you try and run campaigns and can not get any to run. When you click on a button call Pub Details, it does list what that client will not accept for advertisements.

    Problem is at this point, your money is gone. Sitescout says that they list it in their terms when you sign up that all money is non-refundable. Too bad they are not more transparent about what they allow and what they do not. As soon as we found this out, we asked for a refund of our money and to be on our way. They said – nope, terms say non-refundable. If you look hard enough you will find sites that will allow diet.

    They are correct. And they are total crap traffic for the diet vertical. On Google / MSN, we are getting earnings per click north of $1.50. On Sitescout, it is ZERO.

    I am sure there are some types of offers that will convert on the traffic they provide, but since we have 1 product we are selling, this is not a good fit. I know that we are responsible for our own due diligence and to read all of the fine print, but this is one piece of advice we wish we would not have taken.

    • Kevin says:

      Update to this. I was contacted by SiteScout who told me there was a misunderstanding. The do have a refund policy and did refund my un-used funds.

    • SiteScout says:

      Kevin, I'm glad that we were able to sort out your refund. Fund balances are definitely refundable.

      Despite your offer being a straight sale, the weight loss niche has undergone unmeasurable damage in the eyes of many publishers – for obvious reasons. They've become weary and now many simply block the vertical altogether.

      In our next release, you will be able to filter sites by what the publisher allows, which should make the process a little easier.

  24. Chris says:

    Very good post, thanks Lorenzo and Mike. One question: why would someone do media buys through SiteScout instead of going directly through Rubicon Project? I have to assume SiteScout takes some extra % and that you'd save money buying from Rubicon, no?


    • SiteScout says:

      Rubicon is a yield optimization platform for site publishers. Publishers typically get the highest CPMs from selling their premium inventory directly. All remnant impressions go to Rubicon to get the highest CPM possible. They sell a percentage of the traffic via online IO's on their REVV platform. Another percentage goes to their real-time bidding platform.

      The main benefit of Rubicon's REVV platform is that you have access to ALL of their publishers. That's pretty much it. The interface has something to be desired and campaigns data is not real-time. They also used to have a minimum deposit of $5000, which I think has now been lowered to $1000.

      The SiteScout RTB has only a subset of Rubicon's total sites, but everything is completely real-time, which means you have total control over your campaigns. You also have access to much more than just Rubicon traffic.

  25. Mayoor says:

    Doesnt look like you can buy placements on fbskins or facetheme anymore within sitescouts rtb 🙁

    • SiteScout says:

      It's just temporary. Rubicon has some technical issues that started yesterday evening. Those placements should be back up hopefully by the end of today, along with every other Rubicon site.

      In the mean time, Facebook traffic can alternatively be bought via the following AdMeld placements:
      (SiteID = 2-1259) — edge.jeetyetmedia.com (Facebook)
      (SiteID = 2-1659) — facebook.com (FaceRage)

  26. Seems to be a lot of bullshit in Mikes post. Not sure how some of the more seasoned media buyers havent picked up on this.

    Firstly the CTR of 5.86% on this kind of traffic is doubtful unless of course he is spawning popups out of the image with a big 3D Banner saying "CLICK ME", I doubt its possible, especially on facebook traffic which averages at 13 impressions per person per day.

    Secondly Mike goes on to say he uploaded a creative and ran an FBSKINS campaign

    FBSKINS CPM = $0.60
    FBSKIN CTR = 0.20
    eCPC = $0.30

    He purchased at $0.60cpm, which is great, he then gets a ctr of 0.20% which again is great and then claims this is costing him $0.30 a click. How the fuck is it possible to break even with a CPC of $0.30 Mike? Do tell?

    You claim your network has a EPC of 0.30 which I dont doub't, however you are assuming that that 100% of your visitors who come to the gateway from the creative will fill out offers which is nonsense.

    Care to clarify how you think this is a break even campaign?

  27. richboi says:

    the minimum deposit is ridiculous ($500) just to try it + not sure if you might break even.

  28. Newbie says:

    FBSKINS CPM = $0.60
    FBSKIN CTR = 0.20
    eCPC = $0.30

    What is the problem with this Maths Wizard? 0.20% of 1000 is 2 clicks, for 0.60$ so 0.30$ the click.
    He didn't say that each people is going to complete any offers, (if i'm correct the offers are mainly between $1-$2), the epc is an average per visitor.
    I'm new to media buying maybe i'm incorrect, if someone could clarify… thanks

  29. Shannon says:

    Very comprehensive post. I'm not good in math so I have to go over this again and see if I can join this campaign. 🙂

  30. T32 says:

    How do you get those kind of creatives approved? Anything that imitates a video or anything else misleading is not allowed under sitescout's terms, and gets immediately denied any time I try.

  31. karlaashlee says:

    Great Info. How do you use leadbolt?

  32. derek says:

    can you repost the image of the creative, megaupload has FBI notice all over it

  33. brandon says:

    Does this method still work? Can we get the gif updated? I'm looking to try 500-1k in affiliate adbuys.

  34. Nice post Mike!

    Could you or someone upload the gif images for us?

  35. Great post Mike.. But the initial investment for beginners is too high.. I will try this when I will have 1000$ in my account.. Thanks for the post 🙂

  36. Duke says:

    I will very much appreciate it if someone can tell me something. I know SiteScout will be used for traffic to our offer but what will Leadbolt be used for?

  37. This is really an impressive article here, thanks for the good insight here and keep posting more, I will definitely share this article to my friends out there.

  38. This is really an impressive article here, thanks for the good insight here. I will definitely share this article to my friends out there.

  39. Joe says:

    I'm trying to deposit into my account on sitescout but it won't let me? I've added 3 different cards and each one has been declined and blocked. Talk about stupid or what…I guess they don't want my money.

  40. PMP says:

    When we are not making an effort to learn, our mind is always processing new information or trying to analyze the similarities as well as the tiny nuances within the context which makes the topic stand out or seem different…

  41. .Now you make it easy for me to understand and implement the concept. Thank you for the post really a great efforts. I am really happy to see your blog…

  42. gotta love all case studies

  43. john says:

    hmm..everyone seems excited by this – but i'm currently buying traffic from google at 1p per click…if someone can show me where to get genuine clicks for less or the same as that then i'll get excited.

  44. Joseph says:

    look at http://www.Vexigo.com
    They can do better and do not require 500$ minimum deposit

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