Still Struggling To Make Money Online?
By on Mar 28, 2011

The ever so calm Angry Russian a.k.a Alex Tsatkin from FlipSite Media is back with another kick up the ass post.

make money online excuses

Listen up because here’s the truth you need to hear.

Here are some “excuses” for failure I hear all the time. Tell me what’s the one common thing of each of them.

  1. Google Adwords is done.
  2. The Facebook Ads team are Nazis.
  3. The traffic source is too competitive.
  4. The advertiser doesn’t like my quality.
  5. The market is too saturated.
  6. Someone stole my campaign.
  7. Those offers are too “shady”.
  8. I don’t have a testing budget like the other affiliates.

Give up?

The answerβ€š YOU.

The only thing in common is that you were there.

It’s your fault that you fail. Stop blaming everyone and everything.

These excuses are your crutch. You get off on being the struggling enterprenuer. You are too scared to succeed and will come up with a million reasons as to why you fail.

Instead spend that energy thinking of ways to succeed.

I share this not to chastise you, but from experience.

Only when you get out of your own way will you see that the money was right there in front of you the whole time.

Often you get caught in “circular” thinking where the right answer is obvious to outsiders yet you somehow keep missing it.

Let me give you a few examples of actual people I met since moving to Melbourne:

blogger cartoon1. Blogger with 5 well ranking sites monetizing with AdSense. He kept complaining about how little time he had and that he was only 1 person. When I asked why not try to monetize better (offered my help for free) and use the extra profits to hire a writer? His response was he was too busy because he was only 1 guy and didn’t have the time.

developer cartoon2. Developer who aggregates real estate data into a useful website. Loves the idea of having his site bought out so holding on to the hope at all costs including his time and servers. I asked why not monetize hard now which will attract more buyers? His answer something to do with too many ads hurting usability and lowering the value of the site.

blogger cartoon3. Affiliate who spends hours reading and trying random niches too scared to swim with the sharks in the big verticals. Sure he makes profit but doesn’t make enough to do it full time. No matter how much he was told “hey man just run some diet,” fear always forces him to run some random “How to build birdhouses” ebook instead. After all there’s no money in diet because it’s too competitive.

(the last example is actually how I stood in my way before I had my first breakthrough campaign)

Step back for a minute.

Take a hard look at who’s really holding you back.

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  1. Dino Vedo says:

    Love these blog posts! I find lots of people falling into these traps as well, but thats what separates us from the rest!

  2. Oh my. This will make things interesting around here! lol

    I feel bad laughing as these people may be my friends. Maybe I'm even one of them. But the truth had to be told by someone other than me. To me and to anyone who this resonates with.

    Top post Alex. I'm loving having you around.

  3. Carl says:

    Great post, Alex. Reading through it kinda made me sink in my chair because I'm guilty of some of these things.

    Sometimes the truth hurts, but the only way to get past those "barriers" is to get slapped in the face a few times.

    "Often you get caught in “circular” thinking where the right answer is obvious to outsiders yet you somehow keep missing it." – *SLAP*

    "No matter how much he was told “hey man just run some diet,” fear always forces him to run some random “How to build birdhouses” ebook instead." – *SLAP*

    Thanks…I needed that.

  4. Carl says:

    Also, did Mr. Adwherds star in Dawson's Creek when he was younger?

  5. For the most part the only person who holds one back – is themselves. There is a saying by Tony Robbins, "If things are to change, we have to change"

  6. No pains, no gains.

    Nice post Alex.

  7. Good post Alex. When things don't work out (campaigns fail, business isn't growing, etc.) human nature is to look for someone else to blame. No one likes to think its their own fault they aren't successful. Sure, things happen that are outside of your control (offers go down, a company goes under and can't pay you) but you won't become successful by getting all "woe is me" and giving up. People have more control than they think. But you actually have to take responsibility for your own success and failure.

  8. Josh Todd says:

    People get in their own way all the time. This is truth.

  9. Martin says:

    Clap Clap clap.

  10. Yea Son! Preach the good word. It is good to be knowledgeable about the industry first, but how will you know if you can swim if you never jump in the water? If you are really scurred to hop in, CALL the best AM you know, and ask for their advice of offers.

  11. Artur says:

    I can relate to some part of all three, but knowing that – being conscious of these faults – helps overcome them.
    Starting a few weeks ago with hiring a writer.

  12. excellent post.. saw a bit of my self in the affiliate.. I used to look for tons of micro niches with zero competition avoiding things like dating, diet, insurance, etc. took me awhile to realize that what I really needed to do was grow a pair and jump into a niche that I could really make some money in.

    Fear of failure = YOU FAIL

  13. Ugh.. the last one kinda hits close to home. I really should take the plunge and jump in some big niches with CPA offers.. I just don't feel ready yet. And unless I grow some cojones, it will probably never happen. Working on it though.. trying and testing new things.

    But yeah.. good post.

  14. pofben says:

    Well done!

  15. concord says:

    Mama need a house… Baby need some shoes…Times are getting hard….. Guess what I am gonna do?


  16. maynzieX says:

    Where abouts in Melbourne are you bro!!!

  17. Silver says:

    It is easy to post awesome posts like these since you speak from experience, me on the other hand have no idea what you are talking about and don't even know any people that experienced anything like that. All my friends are WINNERS and drink TIGER BLOOD.

  18. FlipSite Media says:

    @maynzieX … I was in a big time crunch so took the first place I could find which is in Docklands

    Also anyone in Melbourne there's a aff meetup tonight @ 6:00 and Ad Tech is coming Wed/Thur

  19. maynzieX says:

    @Flipsite.. Nice man!!! I'm from the burbs haha, NorthEast close to where those Black Saturday bushfires werebut a simple train ride in easy as. Was unaware of those meetups will you be attending Ad Tech?

    • See below. Given your location you may not be able to make tonight. But we'll be around the city for a while. @iamcraigclark on twitter will be monitored while I'm there.

  20. FlipSite Media says:


    Yeah I'll be at Ad:Tech

    As for these meetups Craig Clark from comments above is the man who puts them together. You can't miss him hes a giant bloke with shaved head.

  21. Lach says:

    I'll be there around 7.

  22. Josh_Todd says:

    I finally got an IntenseDebate profile and am looking for gratuitous Thumbs Up on my comment. That is all.

  23. Spooky, how did you know about my birdhouses Alex……….

  24. Istrebitel says:

    I really like your stuff man…this is a really good post. I surely wouldn't turn down an offer of help from someone that's as smart and knowledgeable as you. That was a joke right?

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  26. […] Still Struggling To Make Money Online? The ever so calm Angry Russian a.k.a Alex Tsatkin from FlipSite Media is back with another kick up the ass post. Listen up because here’s… […]

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