6 Bizarre Business Ideas (That Actually Worked)
By on Dec 27, 2010

Mr Green is not here right now. He is on holiday. Sorry, I lied, he is here but I decided to take over his blog for the day. My name is Sam Briones, I write for SafeAuto. We provide information about cheap auto insurance. Don’t worry I’m not going to try and sell you auto insurance or hurt Mr Green. I actually put together a fascinating article that I thought you folk might enjoy.

Looking for a new business venture?

Forget about brainpower and common sense. Think weird/kooky with a hint of madness. Wacky ideas are turning more and more heads. Consumers are always hungry for something new, something they haven’t seen before. Below are 6 business ideas that are as wacky as they come, but they actually worked! Take inspiration from them and you and your idea may just become the next big thing.

1. Doggles – $5,000,000 profit/year.

dogglesClothes for your pet dogs and cats have been around for years but doggles.com.au are taking accessories to the next level. Owner Jill Doyle manages a company that sells eyewear for dogs. These doggles go beyond being a fashion accessory, they’ve proven to be very practical too. Dog goggles stop dirt and dust from getting into a dog’s eyes. They also provide UV protection. Not only that, doggles works great for pooches who have just had eye surgery.

Mr Green says: Sweet idea, if you want to make your dog look like a douchebag.

2. Bacon flavored everything – $1,400,000 revenue/year.

bacon lip balmBacon is undeniably one of America’s favorite foods. Despite it being deemed unhealthy, it just tastes unbelievably good. Justin Esch and Dave Lefko realized the niche market for bacon and started J&D’s Foods.They stocked everything from Bacon Salt, Baconnaise, Bacon Lip Balm, BaconLube, BaconPOP, Bacon Ranch and Mmmvelopes. Since their start in the year 2007, J&D Foods have continually grown using their tasty formula for success.

Mr Green says: Ok I’m actually seriously thinking of getting some of those Mmmmvelopes.

3. Pet Rocks – $15,000,000 in 6 months.

pet rocksIn 1975, Gary Dahl found himself in a bar, listening to his friends complain about their pets. He then joked that the perfect pet would be a rock. They didn’t have to be walked, fed, bathed and groomed. A pet rock wouldn’t misbehave, get sick, or even die. They were the perfect pets!

Gary later took his joke seriously, and went on to manufacture and sell his Pet Rock. Within 6 months Gary sold $15,000,000 worth of pet rocks. The craze died off relatively fast. But $15,000,000 ain’t to bad for 6 months work.

Mr Green says: I’d prefer a Giga Pet/Tamagotchi. But good on him for selling rocks.

4. The outlet for rage – Figures not disclosed.

the venting placeEverybody gets those moments of rage, where you just want to smash and destroy everything in your path. In Tokyo, you actually can! A store called the The Venting Place opened up in Tokyo with a rather interesting concept. They created a service where anyone can walk into a room filled with cups, plates, glasses and smash the S$%& out of them. Needles to say, the venture continues to be a smashing success!

Mr Green says: Definitely my kind of thing. However I would take it a step further and create a selection of fully furnished rooms, even an entire house. You will then be able to select a weapon on entry. A sledge hammer would definitely be my preference.

5. Fake wishbones – $2,500,000 revenue/year

plastic wishbonesSure most of us like the novelty of breaking a wishbone once a year. But would you pay for that experience? Ken Ahroni had the crazy idea of creating synthetic wishbones that replicated the same feel and sound as real turkey wishbones. He transformed that idea into a multimillion dollar company that goes by the name of Lucky Break. Did he have a great idea or did he just get lucky?

Mr Green says: Someone should launch a line of fake black cats. I’m sure the are some haters out there that want to unleash some bad luck on people.

6. HIV dating – $300,000 revenue/year

positives datingFancy going on a dating with someone HIV positive? Paul Graves and Brandon Koechlin thought there would be interest. So they decided to build positivesdating.com a dating site dedicated to dating for HIV positive singles. Within two years they hit 50,000 members and $110,000 revenue in sales. Nearly 5 years on and their site is thriving…in more than one way.

Mr Green says: Plenty of fish ads + plus positivesdating.com offer = profit?

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  1. d3so says:

    Haha very odd concepts yet profitable. I would like to take on #4. I’ve always wanted to thrash a place whether to vent anger or have fun.

  2. John says:

    Their is an outlet for rage in San Diego, CA – must be a copycat Im guessing

  3. Johnathan Diaz says:

    It just goes to show how an odd idea can be couples with a little ambition and reap millions. These entreprenuers are an awesome example of ridiculous ideas and businesses, great article.

  4. You should add the Snuggie and any number of old Ronco products (the Pocket Fisherman was my favorite) to the list. It's all stuff that makes most of us think "why would anyone buy that?" Just shows that there are definitely some funky niche markets out there and plenty of money to be made from them if you have the right product.

  5. mrgreenam says:

    Haha I mentioned snuggies just a few minutes before your comments…They still have those crazy snuggie pub crawls snuggiepubcrawls.com. It's more than just hype, people seem to love that crap.

  6. Yousef says:

    These worked because demand was created (hype/fad/whatever), however in my opinion a lot of this is sheer luck, in the sense that crazy "ideas" come about everyday, but seldom ever actually make it. I think the list topper should be that hill-billy who pocketed 50m from selling hill-billy teeth.

  7. Johnathan Diaz says:

    If you think "snuggie" was weird check out some of the Japanese inventions that come out every year. Some of these inventors make millions from the most ridiculous ideas imaginable.

  8. Aaron says:

    Of course, no dog is complete without his Doggles AND his Neuticles. I can only hope to achieve such greatness :-). Awesome.

  9. imKazu says:

    have a look at this, simple idea and it sold thousands http://www.asovision.com/putiputi/

    it basically just lets you pop bubble wrap, endlessly …

  10. Great and out of the ordinary list never new these even existed lol

  11. bitches aremine says:

    the ideas are rocking and would use some of them 🙂 sure tnx mr greenam

  12. crasny says:

    Awesome article, dude.

  13. These are really bizarre! Another bizarre business idea…. a retail showroom that sells scraps and wastes!!
    This just clicked while going through your article. Is there anything such?

  14. Eye Beauty says:

    Woah! I'm really digging the template/theme of this blog. It's simple, yet effective. A lot of times it's hard to get that "perfect balance" between user friendliness and visual appeal. I must say that you've done a awesome job with this. In addition, the blog loads extremely quick for me on Safari. Excellent Blog! Thanks!

  15. wow what are the suggestions really cool 🙂 hopefully work for your business 🙂

  16. I should never have read this post at the office. Doggles (No.1 ) totally sent me rolling under my desk with laughter! I still think it's very bizarre. Who would have guessed that dogs love to have stunning shades on.

    HIV Dating really warms my heart. I'll need to start looking out for business ideas for similar communities around me that feel left out – like midgets!

    Your list proves again that nobody can fully predict the needs of consumers. We all buy what we like. It never matters how crazy it comes off.

    Good work guys!

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