Zero Cent Clicks On Facebook Ads
By on Sep 16, 2010

“Zero cent clicks Mr Green? Seriously what are you on about?”

I would tell you straight up now, but I don’t want to. I feel like telling a story.

Last week, I was on one of my random online marketing exploration excursions. I was crawling through the web like a centipede with 98 legs missing, then I came across an article about the sudden rise of Facebook users from non-English speaking countries. This image struck me:

Courtesy of

Mexico, India, and Brazil Facebook numbers are booming. Mexico appealed to me the most because it had a lot of growth, good volume, and it wasn’t an Asian country . No I’m not a racist. I’ve just had a lot of problems monetizing Asian traffic. I put it down to high shipping fees, and a low distribution of credit cards (I could be wrong).

Now back to Mexico. I found a music download offer for Mexico. It paid 0.65 cents. I couldn’t even see the landing page because it was geo-redirecting. Oh well, I got over it, and continued with the campaign.

From left to right: Mami, Pitbull, Culo

I set up a small campaign on Facebook. Since I was targeting Mexico, I needed my ads to be in Spanish. The only Spanish that I know, are words mentioned in Pitbull songs. So I decided to use Google Translate. Big mistake. I only wanted to translate a simple line like “Do You Like Music?”, but it came out so wrong. My Spanish speaking girlfriend was disgusted with the ads. They didn’t mean anything. (By the way, if you need your landers or ads translated in Spanish, email me. Ms Green is open for work.)

So note to self: Do not use free translating tools for marketing campaigns, no matter how simple you think your wording is.

Here is a screen shot of my first day test on Facebook:

Zero cent clicks. Facebook said it, not me! Clicks that are cheaper than money!

So they aren’t actually zero cent clicks, but they are less then a cent. I created this campaign in less than 30 minutes. The ads you see here, have not been optimized at all. This is not a flukey one-off campaign. There is definitely a possibility for even cheaper clicks, and boy is there scale!

“Mr Green, cheap clicks are nice and all, but did you make the campaign profit?” Indeed it profited…just! Not bad for not seeing the landing page, and not optimizing any of the ads.

I always hear people moaning “Sniff, sniff, Facebook ads are so expensive these days.” Bullocks! Even though the test above was for Mexico, US traffic is still very reasonable. Facebook will kindly reward you with cheap click riches if you approach your targeting correctly.

I was originally going to keep on writing this post explaining how to get those cheap Facebook clicks, but I thought I would give my A.D.H.D readers a little break. I know it’s a tough life for you lot trying to stay focused for more than 5 minutes. So within the next couple of days, I will write a post that will turn that Facebook Ad frown upside down.

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  1. d3so says:

    Nice find! Just goes to show how effective it is to target internationally.

    I'm curious what was the ratio of clicks to conversions?

  2. Riley says:

    Mexico does have some dirt cheap traffic, and they love to click. I had a similar campaign with much better stats about 2 months ago, but I couldn't get it profitable even with "0 cent clicks." 🙁

    And I'm kinda disappointed Lorenzo, you should've used OneHourTranslation at least. They're cheap and pretty quick most of the time.

  3. Bobz says:

    I target different race in us and still get cheap clicks .. It just is difficult to target by race. Wish facebook would gather more user info lol…. Targeting blacks by KFC isn't the best way.. But still lol

  4. Harshad says:

    I thought I was getting the cheapest clicks @ 2 cents per click. 1 cent click on Facebook is awesome…. Time to hit Mexico now.

  5. hey. last day I was testing a dating offer for Mexico in Facebook. I received really cheap clicks but no conversions. (note that i am from colombia and spanish is my 'first language').

    I know which was my mistake and its an advice. I did an american consumer approach. My mistake. I am a latinoamerican guy, and I know really well which is the latino consumer profile. Latino is in certain way a more advanced consumer than the usual american.

    The latinos are people (the most) with low income and and a expensive life.

    We latinos, don't give a f*ck about a dating offer. we only matter if that offer is a solution for a big problem (life quality) or if that specific campaign and service or product really touch our human sense (latinos are extremely sensible persons). Only my humble advice.

    Mr Green

    I don't want my comment to look spammy, but if you or anyone need translation for an ad copy or an entire landing page, or advices about how latinamericans are and how to approach them in a campaign,

    I would literally do it for free. I only want to build business contacts around the world and i only would ask for some advice (knowledge share) as a payback.

    Hope it helps. Peace

    Juan Ramirez

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      "Latino is in certain way a more advanced consumer than the usual american." haha big call.

      Yes I expect different countries would react a lot differently to the same offers. Lower income has a big part to play.

      I'll email you.

    • tracy says:

      Hey, it's lucky for me to read your post here, i am gonna do my business in latin america, so your post for me is really helpful. I'd like to know more about latinos, would you offer me this favor?

  6. Josh Todd says:

    You have a girlfriend? Since when? Pics or it didn't happen.

  7. imKazu says:

    crazy cpc there, great read. 7reach seems to have a bunch of mexico offers. would be nice to have a site like offerbuzz, searchable by countries.

  8. Smaxor says:

    We have a couple of really good MX deals. 1 of which I own. Ping me if you're interested 🙂

    I like cheap traffic and we're focusing on a lot of countries with it. Also, keeps the riff raff out and camapigns running longer without competition. Always remember affiliates are lazy 🙂

  9. groneg says:

    Muy bien.. 0 centavos… pero esta gandando DINERO, chico?

  10. Mike Chiasson says:

    I wonder if that's why I always got called put on Spanish reports lol. I've found a fewplaces for under a penny clicks. Just the quality is lamer than my Starcraft 2 skills.

  11. Ziah says:

    One of the things I've noticed about you, besides the fact you cater very well to us A.D.H.D people…I forgot what I was saying…oh yeah! No sorry forgot. Anyway, I was one of those guys that lost a Grunewald (I dunno is was in the dictionary) of bucks on Google Adwords courtesy of crappy courses and $347 a month memberships to PPC Classroom VIP. Yeah, I just threw that rock. I lost even MORE money with their help…thanks. What I am trying to get at is I get excited seeing your posts on Facebook and POF advertising. The thing is, I'm afraid to jump into that pool full of piranhas again. I don't know if it's feasible for someone that isn't a 100% completely skilled PPC advertiser to even try anymore. And the more I "think" about it, the more time I seemingly waste. Honestly, there is VERY few people I trust in this world of online marketing. You happen to be the one. So do you think that it's possible for someone to get started with lets say, $500 bones, and be able to not lose their shorts again? And how long do you see Facebook and POF being profitable until it reaches the point of Google? Aren't all the big guys jumping in there and eating up all the advertising? Doesn't MORE people mean that Facebook and POF will get greedy eventually and start raising their CPC? I should just interview you one day from a "newbies" point of view and see what happens. I actually dare you on that 😉 Anyway, great post and wishing you well from Mother Russia.

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      $500 is enough. $500 was enough to get me started.

      Google Adwords is still profitable in a big way. It's been around for 10 years. I don't see it been unprofitable anytime soon. There is enough advertising to go round even if there are a ton of big guys in it.

      I do recommend cutting out those crappy courses. Spend your money on testing your own campaigns instead.

      • Ziah says:

        Some people say to not even attempt Google Adwords anymore because the CPC on everything is so damn high. I've even heard some "gurus" (can I use this without getting slapped?) say that you need $5k to even think about getting started. Looks like I'll be dipping my feet into the Facebook and POF pool. I've tried to sign up with Plenty Of Fish but they don't allow Russians to sign up and not sure why (but that's what proxies are for Ziah!) Thanks a lot for your reply. Wish we were neighbors so I could hang out with you and watch you work ツ

        P.S. Where's my avatar? ツ

        • Tony says:

          This really sucks but I tried to start 4 times with $500 and totally made $140 in return. Can somebody explain what the hell am I doing wrong? I see the only problem – too high CPC. It's everywhere, Google damn adwords, Facebook and so on. I guess if you have to pay high CPC, you have to have a great offer or custom LP to encourage visitors to perform an actions. What about POF – what's the dammit key here? Uniqueness? or what? people tired of seeing these ads especially when hundreds of people promote the same website. Don't advise to quit from IM, I won't do that.

          @Ziah That's bullshit that they don't allow Russians to register. I made an account without any problems, Ben said to set the country to something that is near. Btw Ziah, where're you from?

          • Lorenzo Green says:

            It is very hard to know what you are doing wrong without being specific. Uniqueness is good. It doesn't need to be a unique offer just a selling angle. You will never get a dating offer to work anymore by just saying "Looking for a date? We have 1000's of singles, sign up here." You need to really drill down into demographics and appeal to people on a personal level. Once you start doing that not only will your conversion rates increase but your CPCs will lower too.

        • Ziah says:

          @Tony – I'm originally from Seattle, WA. I moved to Russia to be with my girl till she finishes film school, then we move somewhere else. Currently I am in Moscow, Russia. I have tried to sign up unsuccessfully to Plenty Of Fish from here. I've not tried my trusty proxy server yet. I'm too busy playing with a BIGGER fish called Mako. That's all I am going to say 😉 I really don't need this PeePee C garbage and no need to rely on it for anything. Besides, in Soviet Russia, AD CLICKS YOU! You knew it was coming =D

        • Tony says:

          Ha, cool! It would be nice to meet up, I'm from Moscow and I'm here too:) Where are you exactly located? North, south?

        • Tony says:

          @Ziah I've sent you an e-mail but got no response, maybe It fell into spam folder? I sent e-mail with "hey big boy, are you for real? I got HUGE knockers!" subject lol. (Sorry Lorenzo for the off-topic comment)

        • Tony says:

          @Ziah I sent you another e-mail, because I got no response to my previous one and the comment I posted. Ziah at live dot com right? I just want to learn what you said. Btw, my station is the green line too:) My e-mail is tonysrocketmail at rocketmail dot com, check the e-mail from that address.

      • Tony says:

        I'm starting to realize that this skill is the most important, I've mastered a lot of technical stuff, but still have no clue how to "drill down into demographics and appeal to people on a personal level". Can you advise some resources on how to do that or maybe some personal advice? I've read a lot of these crappy ebooks, but they all make no sense at all. If I could understand this once, then my existing technical knowledge + this skill will lead to multi million business, so I really need to dig into this. Thanks in advance, Lorenzo!

        • Ziah says:

          Hey Tony, I'm located in South near Kantemirovskiya metro which is the green line. Yeah I'd definitely like to meet up with you. Want to learn how to drill down into demographics? I'll show you exactly how to do it. It's also a matter of testing and the tools at your disposal. And with Facebook and Plenty Of Fish, you can drill down deep, precise, and target the crap out of these people with laser like accuracy. I'd jump back into this game, but really I've not the funds to be dumping into something unreliable and unstable like this with any sort of confidence. Because you have to test, test, test, you've got to have some dollars to lose. That's just the name of this game. Here is my email ziah[at]live[dot]com and if I get any "hey big boy, are you for real? I got HUGE knockers!" I'll know where it came from!

  12. Eric says:



    What more do you need to know?

    • Hahaha. That should be enough to survive….

      But In fact the right spelling and grammar is:

      DONDE ESTA EL BAÑO? (Where is the bathroom?)


      Haha. Funny stuff.

  13. […] Zero Cent Clicks On Facebook Ads – Did you know that out of the 1,596,270,108 Internet users worldwide, only 15.7% reside in North America? That’s a huge market share that remains relatively untapped! In this article, Mr. Green shares a recent experience where he promoted an offer on Facebook targeted to Mexican consumers and in doing so was able to achieve ZERO cent clicks! This is just one example of how being creative and thinking outside the box when it comes to your offers and targeting can lead to fascinating results. […]

  14. jack says:

    Great post as always. Por favor.

    BTW truth, testing is the only way to learn. I downloaded (albeit for free) and watched almost all the courses out there, and really all I think that accomplished was wasting a bunch of time.

    Whats best (IYO) to test first in FB ads, pictures or demographics?

  15. Wilson says:

    hey, hablan español aqui? LOL

    I've been trying to learn PPC with Facebook and Adwords and every time I get my ads suspended. I really don't freakin get it.

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      I'd advise you read the terms and conditions. I'm guessing you are trying to promote products that are disallowed on those platforms.

  16. Josh says:

    Luckily, I do speak spanish so you just inadvertantly helped me figure out how to spend the rest of my day.

    For some reason, my site on Personal Development is very popular in India and the Phillipines, while my fishing blog has gotten a ton of traffic from Central America.

    Who knows why, and who knows why I thought that was important enough to write.

  17. Hannah says:

    Whenever I log into my France Facebook accounts, I can INSTANTLY tell which ads have been done by a pro, and which ones went through Google translate. Even if it technically makes sense, the translated stuff just tends not to "flow" right. And then there's the ads that just make zero sense whatsoever.

  18. Sam Jenkinson says:

    Hello Mr Green I have also been wading around in the internet marketing world for about 8 months now joined ppc coach site, read every ebook going free and paid for, I like your style of writing, I have spent a good few $100 on facbook advertising, getting good ctr but not made a penny yet 🙁 dont know why no conversions have tested the demographics very tight but had to pay very high cpc.

    I have just signed up for POF account, did you say you get better conversions?

    I am now going to stalk you till i make my first $.(joke)

    Ps its hard to find a picture for adverts that has women in but not to revealing..

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      It depends on what product you are trying to sell. If you are asking people to get out the credit cards you will have a tough time selling to people on Facebook. Have you tried running a cpm campaign on Facebook? If you are getting good targeted clicks and have spent $100, I'd put that down to something wrong with your offer.

      • Sam Jenkinson says:

        Yes I did cpm it, was a bingo offer? Obviously liked my ad but not the offer. Moving on to PoF for the time been, do you recomend running as many demographic options as possible? What is your minimum for one campaign? (Hope you dont think i'm cheeky picking your brain) ?

      • Ziah says:

        I'd like to add to this comment if I may Lorenzo.

        This is only an example, batteries not included, some assembly is required:

        @Sam if you put a picture of a naked girl or a revealing picture in your ad, you are going to get a super high CTR because you are unknowingly targeting every young male and possibly older ones, by showing them a picture of boobies or the mere promise of boobies in a picture ( I don't even see text when there is boobies) This is a BAD idea. Here is what is wrong with this thinking. Unless you are selling women, which is against the law, then don't use this type of stuff in your ads. Little Tommy might be on his Facebook and see this and click on it, and now it's a wasted click when he finds out he needs to buy something, when all he wanted to do was brag to his friends that he found some boobies online. You have GOT to think laser targeting when you create your ads. You ALMOST have to tell people it's something they can buy for a good price, or something they can get that's better than the other guy, or buy one get three free! You almost have to let them know what they are getting into before they EVEN click your ad. If you ad says "Buy a bar of Gold NOW for $1" then people know exactly what they are going to get, and it's gonna cost them. They will click on the ad to go through the process, or they wont bother. This is how you laser your CTR. Baiting people with misleading advertising will get your wallet empty fast. Another example is, I see these ads that say Free RingTones. I'm apt to click on them to get my free Robocop Vs. Aliens ringtone, but then I find out I gotta buy a ring tone to get the free one, and I'm wishing the guy would have said this in his ad, and I want to throw rocks at his granny as punishment. Your target should know what's up before they get there in my opinion. If you are following this, you might not get as high CTR, but I guarantee the CTR you will get will convert, and that is what matters most. Hope this helps.

        • Thanks yes all advice helps…

          I see where your coming from it was just that Mr Green himself said that having picture's of women in your ad's (maybe just people) equaled better CTR but yes you made it clear that actually the more honest you are the better. I see now that there is no point in having an ad that is misleading just to get them to click on it.. Thanks appreciate any advice at the moment.

          There is a fine line between love and hate..

          Also seams fine line between right and wrong!

  19. Adi says:

    You can also get cheap quality clicks with google translate 🙂

    If you insist, there is a translating live website that cost some money – Babylon Live Tranlate:

    Have fun,


  20. CPA_Ninja says:

    I've tried to promote some international offers on FB but the problem is, the landing pages are geo-targeted. If your IP doesn't match the targeted country, stupid merchant shows a stupid "Not available" or a 404… and when a FB reviewer (from US) sees this, he/she rejects my ads.

    I know about cloaking.. but i really don't wanna go that route b/c losing accounts is no fun (I've lost dozens of adwords accounts this way and I don't wanna do that anymore).

    What the hell can I do about this?

    Thanks in advance.

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  22. jeanmari says:

    je trouve les campagnes Facebook tres interessantes concernant les taux du clic !


  23. anncastro says:

    I did split testing & focussed ads like all gurus tell you to. I got as low as 10 CPC.

    BUT when I followed a friend's advice and opened the ad up completely, not focussing on anything and including as many countries as I could … my CPC dropped to 2cents – partially even to 1c. When I tried to refocus that ad, it jumped straight back up.

    Thus, my experience is: if you want really cheap CPC (and of course if you have an international product where it does not matter who clicks as long as someone clicks) then it seems the most open approach is the cheapest. At least that is my experience.

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