Mr Green Ain’t Happy: Facebook Shutdown FB Ad Manager.
By on Oct 11, 2010

It’s been around one week since I acquired (for a decent amount of money) the 2 year old FB Ad Manager.

A couple of days ago, I received a nice cease and desist email from Facebook and friends.

Now I’m not sure if it’s just me that they don’t want selling it or what, but I don’t want to get involved in ongoing battles with Facebook.

As of today, I will not be selling the FB Ad manager anymore.

Facebook ads cease and desist

I feel bad for not being able to fulfill the awesomeness that I was promising for this tool. But that’s life right? My sincere thanks go out to all the positive feedback/comments I received in the past week.

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  1. not cool man i was excited of things to come.

    • d3so says:

      It makes me wonder if those you bought it from

      received a c&d and immediately sold it to you.

      Either way, it sucks.

      You should open-source it or give it out for free since you can't sell it 😉

  2. Does the facebook ad manager violated any of FBs policies?

    Do they even have a right to tell you to C&D? Is it cuz their name is in the title?

    Seems ridiculous for them to do all this shit to become an open development platform and then not allow the very people who PAY them to develop shit to make their own lives just an ounce easier.

  3. Henry says:

    appreciate the effort dude! hope it won't deter your effort to make the IM world a better place!

  4. shawns says:

    this=sucks. this def means i will be making fewer campaigns. could deter noobs from using the platform which is nice, but will deter me too, so that's a no-win.

  5. This is really bad news and it's quite strange it only took 6 days since your acquired it.

  6. Sorry to hear buddy.. Can't believe they shut you down. "Dislike"

  7. Hannah says:

    Sorry to hear that man, that sucks big time.

  8. Adam says:

    I was standing next to a Facebook rep at Ad:Tech in San Fran earlier this year when Johnny walked up (the guy who created FBAM) and we were showing our FB rep this new software we had discovered and how it was helping us so much….Johnny walks up and casually says "I developed that…".

    So my partner and I, two Kiwi boys with big ideas (and a little marketing company in Auckland) just about fell on the floor.

    We asked the FB rep if FB knew about the software, and he said "we think it's great!"

    So what's changed? I was stoked to read a fellow Kiwi had bought the source for this software and was developing it further, but now you get a C&D from the big boys themselves.

    No doubt this will just inspire you to create something better, I hope so :o)

    • You have the source code Sr. Green-

      Why not continue your planned build out and instead of making it a mass-market clickbank product, create a mailing list that people will have to join.

      Setup the auto-responder & you can send them to your private, password protected purchase page.

      Don't call it a product, call it a … "consulting service" (that just so happens to involve your proprietary software).

      I think you can keep the product alive, recoupe your investment and give the c$%#s (edit) @ FBAds the finger all at the same time. Kind of like 3 fists in 1 a-soul (edit), just the way I like it.

    • Hannah says:

      If I remember right, Johnny got a C and D from Facebook at some point about a year or so ago, so they haven't always been open to the idea of an ads manager.

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      Where you from Adam?

      • Adam says:

        Hey Lorenzo,

        I'm in Auckland, based on the Shore. My biz partner and I run a little marketing company for love and make all our money in our spare time Aff Marketing (shouldn't that be the other way around?! – tell me about it…). Love your blog mate, inspirational stuff.

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      Hi Adam,

      Can you email me at lorenzo at with more info.

      That would be very helpful.

  9. Jack says:

    … So you bought it a few days ago and then banned by FB… So any plan to earn back the money that you spent on buying this software with the source code? -.-

  10. Dino Vedo says:

    Wait so did Facebook tell you that it is illegal to use this software or to sell it?

    I'm sure I can find a copy of it somehow as it will become shared pretty soon, but it would be pointless to try if FB has banned it all in itself…

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      Honestly I don't know what Facebook are happy with. They don't want me selling it. However Jonny seemed to sell it for 2 years now problem.

  11. Chris says:

    RIP FaceWizard.

    RIP FB Ad Manager.

    RIP Facebook Ads.

  12. Jack says:

    Will POF did the same thing in future? I hope it wont! I am making money with it now – -!

  13. gxdia says:

    Why not open source it? Upload to sourceforge and be done with it!

  14. MattiasMac says:

    Sorry to hear that. Is it the use of their name in the product? Maybe bundle it with your POF ad uploader and call it Social Ad Manager or something. It is hard to imaging something that makes FB more money would get a C and D. I would talk to them and see really whats up. There is no better tool to split test ads. Fight for it.

  15. Super-Affiliate says:

    I am very upset…Why would FB C&D you. You were helping the Big Affiliates by improving the App, and it would have definitely helped FB in terms of Revenue…

    What are you going to do now? You must have invested lot of money for the Code?

  16. browie says:

    This is crazy talk. Did previous owner have an idea this was coming?

  17. groomez says:

    you could always release it to the folks that paid for it, eh??

  18. Open says:

    Look forward to your plan b with this. (cause I know you got a plan b 🙂

  19. Arif says:

    What a sad day for FB Ad Manager. I was pretty excited that the tool was going to get the support it deserved but they just had to ruin the party. You might as well make the planned final release as intended (you know the super duper one). I'm sure those who want the tool working will hire staff to keep fixing it.

    Not to sure what's stuck up FBs Backside – I guess their ego is getting the better of them.

  20. spyderman4g63 says:

    You would think that facebook would see the market for this and develop a better ad manager themselves. They said you can't sell it. Didn't say you couldn't give it away 😉

  21. Hemal says:

    Ahhh, that sucks dude. Facebook is turning into Google with all their bans.

  22. spyderman4g63 says:

    The guy smashing the pig at the bottom of you layout is totally blocking me from clicking the peepee see dot bee zee link.

  23. ahh man I was looking forward to suchawesomeness!

  24. Josh Todd says:

    FBAds is dead, everybody move on.

  25. bigstrov34 says:

    seriously lame.. I was looking forward to your version..

    God forbid there be a tool that helps us make more ads and spend more money with them..

  26. Carl says:

    man, that sucks. your acquisition of FBAM is what prompted me to dust off the ol' cpa marketing skills after a long hiatus.

    sorry to hear that venture didn't work out for you, lorenzo. guess facebook doesn't want it to be easy for anyone.

    you must be notorious around the facebook camp or something…that happened pretty quickly after you bought it.

  27. Volkan says:

    Maybe they are going to open their bulk upload tool to public.

  28. This sure sucks and I feel sorry for Mr Green having just purchased the rights to FBAM, but if Facebook thinks this is putting a nail in the coffin on bulk ad upload automation, they're surely mistaken.

    Probably a matter of time before we see another incarnation of a bulk submitter.

    It's also interesting how they have stated on several occasions that they are not against people using such tools – yet on the other hand they're trying to legally fight it.

    @MrGreen; can you shed any light on the reasoning you were given in the C&D?

  29. Sorry to hear that brotha…I told you you should have bought this instead! 😛

  30. Jonathan Volk says:

    Oh no! That sucks!!! At least you have a chance to get into "The social network 2" movie if they make it! Haha. But srsly… Wow bummer!

  31. Jonathan Volk says:

    The other crazy thing is just this year at AD:Tech the FB people at the expo hall booth had it open in their browser and were showing ppl it. Musta pissed Zucky off or something.

  32. Ethan says:

    So no more updates?

  33. Aaron Jensen says:

    That sucks! I can't believe the level FB goes to just to prevent a few people from making FB more $$$.

    Maybe it's just FB reverse psychology: "Stop affiliates selling that c$%#s and it'll go viral when it's free on the black market." 🙂

  34. Adam says:

    This is terrible news…. was so looking forward to this update.

    You must be gutted.

  35. newjersey says:

    Fb has an api for ads. Any thought into porting the tool to use the api?

    I think we need to start a fb group for disgruntled advertisers.

  36. wouldn't they have to send a c&d by certified letter not an email? what did the email say exactly?

  37. This is some serious BS. Really sorry this happened to you…

  38. Jamie says:

    Sound like a good time to hop on the phone with them. Do you quit running FB campaigns when they disprove one (or 20) or your ads – or do you try again, figure out what is wrong through trial and error and move onwards and upwards?

  39. FB is doing everything they can do drive development through their API right now. I believe they will seek and destroy all tools that are not using that API, as they cannot control the automation.

    I would consider approaching them with the following: a name change in the tool, and a request to work with their API. because you have a real customer base, there should be some interest in working with you.

    It would change your pricing model (most of the solutions I see for this are on a rev share model based on total spend), but could be worth the effort.

  40. Sam says:

    So forgive me if I am a little confused did you not create your own Pof ad uploader and if so cant you not do your own facebook one, rather that promote one? (sorry if this seams like a silly question)

    Ps do facebook allow dating ad's? I looked but could only see, Drugs, firearms and illeagal stuff not allowed.. :~

  41. Tom says:


    Was ready to upload a butt load of ads with the new tool, its so hard to get any traffic with FB you need to upload hundreds of ads.

  42. JJ says:

    Someone on the Facebook team needs to be fired. I mean how stupid do you have to be to discourage people from spending money on your site???

  43. Snoop says:

    F**k Facebook.

  44. fbeach says:

    Ahhh shit and I was here just now looking for a link to buy this tool 😉

    All the best to your next plan, now over to the other tool i recently acquired, POF uploader/ad manager.

    CIAO, GL!

  45. Lame.. and totally sucks that they shut it down days after u buy it.

  46. Hey Men.

    "Every threat brings a bigger opportunity". I'm sure is not cool to deal with the Legal department of Facebook but F*CK them.

    They are not God.

    If I were you I were thinking to set that "sh*t" for free and place some banners with affiliate links (or cpm ads) in the interface.

    You can also create a totally new tool with a new name and market it anonymously.

    My suggestion for a name "The Social Network (U know what I'm talking about) Ads Manager"


    Or sell it to a Lazy Russian Hacker…….or whatever. I'm sure that you are smart enough to profit from it.

    BIG OPPORTUNITIES ARE COMING…I hope everything goes well for you in this near future.


  47. Fulan Khan says:

    This is tough. I am impressed that you have taken this so well and handle it with humor.

  48. Pyrogenic says:

    Although you probably don't want to peeve them off by continuing on, do they actually have anything inside the ToS that state no automation with these things? What did the C&D cite as the reason to shut it down?

  49. Asshole says:

    I'm glad you losers lost your ad manager. Now go make your ads by hand. It's what I've been doing for the last 2 years, and you best believe I'm balling harder than you.

  50. Unbelievable, bad luck buddy. I wonder if the people who sold it to you knew damn well what was up 🙁

  51. Kang says:

    Aww damn, I've not been using the upload tool for awhile, but it still sux because I had high hopes when I heard you were taking over.

    It sux even more for you though!

  52. David says:

    Annoying, especially when they have this stupid bulk upload for business accounts that's just an excel file. And API solutions costs upwards of $1500/month.

  53. Gamekeeper says:

    Damn very disappointed to hear this, was banking on getting it.

    Facebook have their own bulk uploader but its impossible to have access to it if you are an affiliate – At AdTech London recently the rep presenting the Facebook seminar was promoting its use. When i got home i asked my rep in Ireland if i could have it please and was told no as their concern was it would flood the ad review staff with too many ads and also that there was too high a probability of rejections based on the "the types of ads i run" ie your an affiliate !

  54. imKazu says:

    Its strange that this happened right after you bought the software … could it be that your dev guys were hitting facebook hard while testing/implementing from a single IP that it raised a red flag ?

    Hope you bounce back harder !! its tough to see a project you were excited about get shut down like that

  55. affaholic says:

    in the future, not putting the name of one of the largest brands in the universe in the name of the product would probably help in avoiding a shutdown.

    "Ad-Maker Pro" is going to bring a lot less heat than "Facebook Ad Manager"

  56. King says:

    Dang, I was waiting on the update to buy it…=(

  57. AssBook says:

    So typical. AssBook will become worse than Google.

  58. Wigger McGavin says:

    Well, since you can't sell it, go on ahead and give the damn thing away.

  59. tito says:

    Damn. I was really looking forward to buying it!

  60. Demon says:

    Green, why don't you just sell it as an automation tool? CHANGE THE NAME first to something else like 'greens ad uploader', and modify it so it becomes an automator, and whether or not its used for FB will be down to the user. You could include instructions on how to make it compatible with FB. I'm not a technical person though so I could be talking out of my ass here, but you get the point 😀

    • Gamekeeper says:

      @ Demon.

      Good idea. Build it and call it something else. Add a disclaimer that the developer bears no responsibility for how its used and even say in the sale document that you do not endorse its use on any platform including Facebook.

      In any case its the user who is breaking Facebooks terms and conditions for using any automation in the ad creation process so ultimately their responsibility.

      Having said that i can understand why Mr Green having already received a C and D would rather not face any possibility of further communications from the mighty Facebook legal department.

      • Lorenzo Green says:

        Yeah I would prefer to have a sit down or long chat with them and sort something out, as opposed to finding loop holes.

  61. Jenna says:

    Sorry to hear that. Very annoying news. I was really looking forward to buying it TODAY! So what about the people who already bought it? Can they still use it? Need some help here.

  62. Andrew says:

    Wow I type "Facebook Ad Manager" in google looking to buy it and I see this. That really sucks bro. Guess I will be getting my hands dirtier.

    Best of Luck!

  63. Name (Required) says:

    Ahhh the wonderful topsy turvy world of affiliate marketing.

  64. Matt says:

    I remember one of the first knockoffs of speed ppc came out by a young blogger & got squashed pretty quick. It made it's way out on the open market though & I've seen it just about anywhere. If you can't get around FB, would be interesting to see a similar version like it hit the open source market… just sayin'

  65. huih gyugu says:

    dont be a chickeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

    give it away for free for the masses

    damn they raping everybody out there

  66. Ryan says:

    This really blows. I was also waiting for the update and was going to buy from you. The POF uploader is great and I knew you would do great things with this. Sorry for the bad luck.

  67. stumpyb says:

    where da balls @.. time to setup a company in a country that FB can't touch.. :

  68. […] Mr. Green Ain't Happy: Facebook Shutdown FB Ad Manager. – If you have done any extensive amount of adverting on Facebook, chances are you've used the FB Ads Manager Firefox extension. Mr. Green recently purchased it from the creator and had plans to update and improve it, but received a cease & desist letter from Facebook. Terrible news. Check out the comments for a discussion on how lame this is. […]

  69. I've been a hardware and software developer for over fifteen years.

    It's a shame that Facebook shut down an amazing product, which its customers would be using to GIVE THEM REVENUE…oh well.

    You need a sensible plan now to recover from this disaster, and judging from your comments, it appears you have a great attitude about what's happened.

    Lemonade from lemons, that's my tact here if you'll allow me.

    Get to work right away on repackaging your sw, as many have pointed out, stay away from any language about "FB".

    DONATE 75% OF YOUR FUTURE SALES of the new product to a non-profit org. I work with some in our art auction business that are excellent and will welcome a strategic alliance such as this.

    With the 25% left over, you can help to recoup your investment, while plugging away at improving your sw.

    Net result, you won't make as much $$ as you would have in your original "Plan A", but this new plan gives you high visibility, and I have doubts that FB would want to take down a company or its products that directly benefit a non-profit working for the common good of the planet. That would make them look REALLY bad in the marketplace and their "legal team" would probably side with letting this one get through.

    Just a few thoughts, I hope they will help you in your reorg of an important software tool that will be dearly missed by many.

  70. Sergiu Stere says:

    Is this a marketing stunning? Are you doing what BurgerKing did with the Whopper sandwich? If're boy genious..look at all this controversy 😀

  71. Lorne Fade says:

    Put me down for a copy of social uploader 5000 upon release

  72. mama says:

    does anyone know a good alternative to use ?

    it takes me over 6 hours to create 200 ads. i have to have a proper tool.

  73. Dude, that super sucks. I know someone who reversed engineered your software if you're interested in the new fixes.

  74. Darryl H says:

    Keep Brainstorming my man, I like the way you have your emotions in check every dark cloud has it's silver lining, for every action there an reaction make it postive with FB. Take your time you'll find the right answer and the best solution that works for everyone.

  75. Brando says:

    He bought it so he can put it off the market, duh!

    LOL@C&D stories.

    Good luck sheeple!

  76. David says:

    Has anyone gotten calls from Facebook reps giving them four hints to increase "quality" of bids?

  77. […] in mind. As many of you know Mr. Green got screwed by FB when they shut down the FB Ads Manager (see post here). I LOVED that app, and I really haven’t done much advertising on FB since because their […]

  78. I'd say that the more plausible reason is that big companies are working on integrating Fb into their bid mgmt and ppc mgmt software. They don't want $10,000 licenses competed with by $200 software.

  79. Jason says:

    Has anyone heard of a new substitute for FB Ad Manager?

  80. Come on are you serious? you're telling me that NO ONE ELSE can figure out how to create a similar tool???

  81. Tom says:

    Anyone know knows any good alternative software can do the same job? Thanks

  82. Brett says:

    Sorry to hear about that! Would have been cool to see.

  83. Thomas says:

    can someone hook me up with this tool? email me at if you could. thanks a ton!

  84. […] Mr Green Ain’t Happy: Facebook Shutdown FB Ad Manager. It’s been around one week since I acquired (for a decent amount of money) the 2 year old FB Ad Manager. A couple of days… […]

  85. I adore your wordpress theme, exactly where do you obtain it through?

  86. car news says:

    Ah i'm sorry to hear that. It's happen to me also. I don't know why they shutdown my campaign and also my facebook account

  87. Nate says:


    It's called adToolBox | Your Social Ads Manager:

    I tested it and it works excellently, with split testing and it's totally live. I believe it won't get shut down because it actually automated the "clicks" of a human, so it's like an automated human uploading ads through FB's normal Ad interface. Totally compliant.

    FREE demo too.
    Try it out!!!

  88. well today i saw this product and wanted to buy but it seems its no longer available.any chance for similar product to manage my ads?i need one.


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