How To Get Cheap Clicks On Facebook Ads
By on Sep 28, 2010

Good day to you all! This post is a sequel to my zero cent clicks on Facebook Ads post.

I’m going to tell you, brilliant readers you, how to get those cheap FB clicks. Facebook is a monster. If you don’t play with it right, it will turn into a mean, nasty as, hairy, blue, money sucking monster. Tame it right, and it will turn into a cookie monster. A cookie monster that will spit cash cookies at you filled with golden nuggets.

Facebook Ads cheap clicks

ROI is one of my favorite abbreviations. To win with any campaign, you need to have a good ROI. One of the easiest ways to increase your ROI, is to lower your cost per click.

Keeping in that in mind…feast your eyes on this wonderful piece of research my BFF Nana Gilbert Baffoe whipped up:

It shows the “suggested bids” for people between 25-34 years old in the top 30 countries.

Suggested bids – It is really important to understand what this actually means. I know a lot of people look at this as, what they are expected to pay per click. Wrong. The only people who are meant to pay the suggested bids, are start-up companies who thought it would be “cool” to have ads on Facebook, “marketing” companies, and suckers.

Suggested bids should only be used as a starting point. As you see, the US suggested CPC bid is $1.12. You can easily get good volume for 0.50-0.55 cents.

Mr Green you’re like a marketing Houdini, how do you make those high CPCs disappear?

The three men are just observers. You do not actually need three people to assist you for this trick.

Simple. This can be done in four steps.

Step 1: Find your demographic. US men, interested in women, from 18-25, is not your demographic. I don’t care if you have the best dating offer out. You can do better.Ā  Scour Facebook ads platform for options to test. You can target languages, jobs, education, keywords, birthdays, the works. Drill down. Find that gold. I’m not going to go into any further detail, campaigns alone are built on just this step.

Step 2: Create a CPC campaign with the suggested bid. Break your campaigns into 5 year age gaps (e.g 18-23, 24-29, 30-35). Create 6 images, 3 titles, and 2 ad copies for each age group.Ā  So around 100 ads in total (yes that is a lot of ads).

Step 3: Keep on testing new ads until you get stable (20 clicks or more) CTRs of 0.1%+. If you are struggling to get your CTRs up, watch this video by this new up and coming blogger “Shoemoney”. You can skip the first 10-15mins to get to the GREAT stuff.

Step 4: Weed out the bad ads until you have your top 4 ads for each campaign. Now, create a CPM campaign with those ads. This is the point where you should see CPCs drop like its hot.

Mr Green’s Hot Sauce Tip: Have fun with your campaigns. As stupid as it sounds, I like to create a few odd ball ads in every campaign mainly for my entertainment. More so than not, those odd ball ads actually do well. You would be surprised what people click. An example of this was, hand drawn glasses and a mustache on a man’s face that was already testing. When pretty pictures ain’t profiting, unleash the ugly.

Cheap clicks will come, you just need to put in the work at the start and have a little creativity in the angle you use. Read this post if you want to get more of an idea what I’m talking about.

I have told you every step I use to build successful Facebook campaigns. I haven’t mentioned some exact specifics because some people will kill me. But if you apply what I wrote you should be able to befriend that blue money making monster.

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  1. Tobbe says:

    Great advice.

    I've been running some ads on Facebook, getting good CTR with quite narrow targeting. But what concerns me is that the number of impressions is getting well over the number of targets (150 000). So I do all that work with the 100 ads, and after a few days everyone has seen the ad? Now what? Will CTR drop radically? (I'm selling my own product)

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

    • bigstrov34 says:

      in response to this comment.. i work with a lot of demos even smaller that have had ads running for a very long time.. occasionally take your well performing ad and use a similar (test it) but different image remember that FB is distraction marketing even with your targeting people are not logged in to buy your product or even look at your ads so you'd be surprised how even a sub 100,000 size demo can maintain a CTR over millions of impressions.

      • Tobbe says:

        Yeah, you are right. Thanks. Now that made me thinking, is there a simple rule of thumb as to what is the optimal impressions/day in relation to the demo size? For getting good CTRs that is.

        I now have the daily budget set to get around 90k imps/day on a 150k demo.

  2. Kiwi_Bob says:

    I just got an erection. thanks for the info mate.

  3. newjersey says:

    Awesome post. This is pretty much exactly what I do, however, i never switch to CPM.

    6 months ago, i would switch over to CPM, but recently they seem to punish CPM with bad placement. I've had identical ads running cpm and cpc and they CTR is drastically different.

    That is my experience with US premium demographics, maybe other countries fair better with CPM ads.

  4. browie says:

    Good find on the image. I love looking at stats like that.

  5. I'm going to sound like such a NEWB asking this question, but does the more targeting you do = more CPC?

    I always thought it worked like that …

    — Caleb

  6. Raphael Min says:

    Yo, I <3 you Mr Green

  7. I love that hot sauce tip and I use it in a lot of campaigns as well. It makes sense though, you have a picture performing well, mix it up and make it different but at the same time keep the interest high from the audience.

    Great post man!

  8. d3so says:

    one of the best facebook guides out there.

    Thanks for sharing this! Gold content once again.

    Though, I wish you couldve shared secret tips. You can email them to me, I'll keep it a secret šŸ™‚

  9. Another excellent post, Green ! You really have some useful tips, though you should post more.

  10. Good Stuff!!

    Theres also something about Facebook, that people don't realize. When you're trying to develop a campaign in Facebook you need a different mentality from the classical "Adwords Mindset". You need to realize that your ad is not going to be as contextualized as it will be in google, but that specific fact should be an opportunity more than a weakness.


    Thats where most of us fail.

    "We are trying to invent wheel, but wheel was already invented thousands of years ago."

    We need to think as marketers and understand consumer behavior. I'm sure that a book like "Principles of Marketing" by Kotler can make more money to a person, than any ebook or online course.

    My humble advice. Not as good as Mr. Green post. I hope it helps somebody.

  11. bigstrov34 says:

    nice post.. but here's a question for ya that I myself and a lot of newbies will/have run into (and i haven't come up with a really good answer yet so……)

    I've noticed a lot of times im able to make some KILLER CTR ads with CPC but after creating an identical CPM campaign the CTR falls to shit and my CPC costs wind up being higher which is why I've found success staying with CPC often times just reducing my bid to the avg. CPC and watching my costs especially in the first day or two drop down..

    I personally think this is due to CPM ads not getting as quality impressions as CPC ones. I have created some campaigns that were successful with CPM bidding, but i rarely if ever see the CTR hold up when i switch over from CPC even when my CTR is a nice .2-.4%

    Could I be committing some epic fail I'm unaware of? Could it be that a lot of my CPC campaign demos are too small to work consistently with CPM? (think 30,000-120,000)

    • If you don't mind I would like to answer you. Personally I think is your last assumption, because sometimes you get a high CTR with CPC, but that Data is not statiscally significant.

      Some Ideas from my Statistics and Probability class.

      The Statistic Theory say that you must determine a sample size that is representative of the population.

      "a larger sample size leads to increased precision in estimates of various properties of the population, though the results will become less accurate if there is a systematic error in the experiment. This can be seen in such statistical rules as the law of large numbers and the central limit theorem. Repeated measurements and replication of independent samples are often required in measurement and experiments to reach a desired precision."

      With all that said, you can build your own Statistic Model in excel (I know that sucks), to determine when your data is enough to flip your campaign from CPC to CPM, or you can use both of these tools:

      and use it both, however you want.


    • David says:

      Nice tools! thanks for share

  12. BenPOF says:

    Dirty Sanchez mustache FTW!

  13. Thanks for the post. Nice work! I like the images. "Marketing Houdini"….sweet! I'll pay $2000 for any e-book titled "Marketing Houdini".

  14. Cash37 says:

    Good blog post even if it didnt have all the details

  15. Hey Mr Green

    Long time reader… first time poster

    How about some tips on getting ads approved especially in some of the more fun verticals.

    Thanks buddy

  16. Another great post Mr. Green but why did you have to reveal "Mr Green’s Hot Sauce Tip" which imho should be called "Mr Green’s Super Ultra Hot Sauce Tip"?

    Warning Shameless Self Promotion: You can get a word doc of the data if you join my fan page. I need more fans to look more important šŸ™‚

  17. Dustin says:

    Good info… Imma definitely try this out. Have you ever tried to narrow the age groups down a little bit more to keep the ads a bit more tight?

  18. Do you find that posting so many ads can get your ads denied in mass? Like if you were doing dating ads with girls with nice jugs but the rest of the ads are pretty clean.

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      As long as there are humans reviewing the ads you will never get consistency. One day you may get ads denied in mass because of one provoking ad. The next day they might just disapprove one ad and approve the rest.

  19. Craig says:

    Another good post as usual. Thank you.

    The CPC to CPM strategy is still the go? I've been out of it a bit and I remember FB saying they were gonna favor CPC ads for clicks as CPM bidders just want brand. That's not impacted anything for you?

  20. Props to Nana on putting together that handy chart. I love how obvious it is that those countries traffic sucks lol.

  21. Wow this is insanely helpful! Thanks so much for this amazing post.

  22. Asshole says:

    You might not want to make posts about topics you don't know shit about, otherwise you have a good blog. But it's obvious you don't touch Facebook anymore because your method of switching CPC ads to CPM is completely outdated.

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      Ok so let me get this straight… you're telling me that switching CPC ads to CPM ads doesn't work? It won't get me cheaper clicks? I guess my Facebook account has a bug in it that only allows CPM ads to work well for me. Because this month I have had both US and INTL perform better on CPM than on CPC.

      Yes I know CPM doesn't work as well as it used to. But it still does better for me than using CPC alone.

      However in the end I guess I don't really need to convince you. It's actually probably more beneficial for me that you don't take my advice. Best wishes for your CPC ventures.

    • Raphael Min says:

      lol the guy gets owned

  23. z00t says:

    Question about Facebook ads that I have not seen anyone talk about:

    When I am trying to split test CPC ads in 1 campaign, Facebook does not show my ads equally. It randomly shows some of the ads more than others (a lot more), regardless of the CTR. I start the ads at the exact same time (with campaign paused, then unpausing to start) and have all the bids maxed out to $10 per click to make sure low bids aren’t the issue, and still they do not show my ads equally. This is not a valid split test.

    Is the only way to split test ads correctly on Facebook with CPM – or putting each ad in its own campaign? This doesn’t make sense. This may be something new because I didn’t have this problem in the spring-time when I was playing around with the ad system.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      That is one thing I have never liked about Facebook. They should give you an option whether you want to run ads evenly or based on performance. The only way to counter this like you said is by making smaller campaigns. Although I do not go to the extent of making a new campaign for each ad, I try to make the campaigns as small as possible. As soon as you have campaigns with 30 ads or more you are going to end up with a bunch of ads getting no clicks.

      Sorry I have no miracle suggestions.

  24. Gee Whiz says:

    No pic for ADD readers?

    I am rather disappointed…

  25. […] How To Get Cheap Clicks On Facebook – Mr.Green gives a good break down of getting cheap clicks on Facebook. If you're looking for a whole course on Facebook, check this out. […]

  26. Rob says:

    Fb ads can be pretty cheap. The only problem that has been persisting is the damn click discrepancy.

  27. James says:

    Can't wait to put this into play when you're spanky new Ads Manager is updated!

  28. Tony says:

    Hi Lorenzo! Just read your About Mr Green page, want to ask you – how come you turned from part doing aff marketing to full time? What was on that marketing class? Did this dude show to build a profitable campaign:)? And another important question – how did you get initial funds for testing? What would you advise to do now to get some cash for testing? Gateways are great but I didn't see any conversions using it. Thanks in advance!

  29. Jason says:

    in step 2, you create those 100 facebook ads, how many ads do you start off running at once? I'm assuming that you don't run them all at once, correct?

    thanks for the great info

  30. Lorenzo!

    Possibly do a post on KEEPING CTR's up on FB ads?

    I'm noticing that after a day or two, the CTR starts to gradually drop … is this because of banner blindness?

    Is there any way to quickly change the pics on those ads to keep the CTR up WITHOUT kicking your ads that are already working into "review" mode and losing all your traffic?

    You're the expert man šŸ™‚



  31. peter says:

    Great post and your right about the way the approve the ads, just for shits and giggles i tried a add title that would surely be disapproved. Its in my recent posts over @, titled, Attention Attention All Affiliates

  32. Am I the only one who has all ads disapproved? lol

  33. dmorrisonprofessional says:

    I'm the latest guy here, but hey I just found this blog and I think its awesome. I'm a 20 year old college student so it'd be awesome to learn how to profit a lot more from Facebook ads. Thanks Mr. Green!

  34. mlektra says:

    Can you "…mentioned some exact specifics…" because no one will you because I'll send virtual ninjas to protect you ?

  35. […] How to Get Cheap Clicks on Facebook Ads – A great post my Mr.Green, which also includes country figures and costs to target different ages by country. […]

  36. When I make these 100 ads what will I be looking to spend? sounds like i need a lot of start up

  37. Jass says:

    I'm a newbie in Affiliate marketing. I do have some knowledge, but there are some questions which i'm not sure about. I want to advertise a product on facebook. Where should i send traffic, direct to the affiliate link or should i create my own page and then send traffic to the affiliate link from there. Is there any guide on how i can start with affiliate marketing. Please help me.
    Thanks ,

  38. Nice blog post thanks for sharing such a nice info. just searching for the hard hammer to hit such type of facebook ads thanks a lot again

  39. I'mRussian says:

    Will it work if I do the same thing but not with 100ads a little less.?

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  41. Elena says:

    Hi, I have run ads on FB. Great click through, zero sales. Can somebody comment on this? Thanks

  42. Great research on the Facebook PPC costs. Has got a few thoughts going for sure

  43. mr.riz says:

    i wanna get user from facebook how can do guide me anyone

  44. mr.riz says:

    email me if anyone knows

  45. Maia says:

    Hiya, trying to advertise (Via FB) a medical clinic/ surgery and was wondering if anyone can offer some advise?
    Ideally we want our viewers to travel directly to our website, what would be the cheapest and suitable for us?
    thanks really appreciate any help.

  46. lisa says:

    This post is written really very well i like the content of this site i am impressed thanks for sharing.
    Facebook Ads

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  58. Oakley says:

    Find that gold. I’m not going to go into any further detail, campaigns alone are built on just this step.

  59. Jesse says:

    I've found it hard to get a good CTR, I've not been able to get above 0.1 % previously. Until I have seen a video on YouTube recently, this info help me further. The key words and the target countries are very important aspects for the campaign/s to get a good CTR. Now I could maintain about 3 % CTR and per page like of about 0.01-0.02 Cents. Thanks for this info.

  60. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much

    about this,

    like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a little

    bit, but than that, this is great blog. An excellent read.

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