The World’s Fastest Affiliate
By on Jan 31, 2012

Since I was five years old and bright eyed surprise I’ve always dreamt of going 220mph (330kmh) in a super car dressed as a pedobear.

I joke…that is probably one of my nightmares.  But doesn’t everyone enjoy seeing people piss their pants and confront their nightmares? That is a gift I am prepared to give to you guys.

Three weeks ago a contest was started by Affiliatewire. Affiliate bloggers had to submit their blog and get votes. The prize is flights to LAX, three days accommodation and a ride in a super car that goes 220mph. While I do not like to be coerced into affiliate network promo contests, in this case I made an exception.

I entered two weeks late – stone cold in last place. Now I’m hustling at 5th place but there is stiff competition.

So in the Mr Green fashion I’ve decided to give things a little twist. I have pledged that if I win I will do two things:

1. If I win, I will drive the car dressed as pedobear.

100% polyester. Surprisingly pricey but well worth the investment. They guarantee that it's enchanting.

2. I will also personally host an STM/Mr Green readers meet up whilst I’m in LA.

There ain't no meet up like an STM meet up!

I don’t ask much out of you almighty readers…but now I’m calling on you, yes YOU. I need your help to make my nightmare come true.

There’s around 20 other bloggers that are trying to take me down. They are trying to stop me from dawning the pedobear suit.

Vote for me here. (Thanks in advance)

For extra Mr Green respect points get your aunty to vote for me too.

Thank you to everyone who has voted already!!!

P.S. There are three world records at stake.

1. World’s fastest affiliate on land.

2. World’s fastest pedobear on land.

3. World’s fastest affiliate dressed as a pedobear on land.

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  1. Murray Macaroon says:

    You got mine too

  2. How the F… is Chad Hamzeh or Nick Throlson even on that list

    Also, I voted for Tanner Vaugn I'm sure after the FTC issues hes had the past year ( ) he can use a bit of good news

    • Chad says:

      Alex… I thought I would jump in to answer your question as to how "the f" (it's ok we're allowed to swear here), I was even on the list.

      Presumably, you mean "why the f", not "how". I assume you know how to add an item to a poll. Assuming that you do, I wanted to clear up any confusion for you as to why I'd qualify, so that if you had an issue with me being on there you could direct it to me personally and not skulking around on other people's blogs, so I hope this response helps.

      1) It could be because I take beginners making nothing to making $20K profit a month working about 2 hours a week. No, it's not "the grind" or "baller money" so many advocate and talk about, but I think $2,500/hour isn't too shabby.

      2) It might also be the fact that I can join half way through the competition, send out 2 e-mails, and take first place. Not saying I'll beat Lorenzo, that remains to be seen, but it shows that I'm obviously helping some people. The sheer fact that I'm in first shows why I should be on this poll.

      3) I'm still doing CPA & other forms of marketing, still getting the same results I always have, and I share those results with my subscribers and more so my members. Just as Lorenzo does. I just don't care anymore to run with networks that hype bullshit, and offers that are volatile.

      4) I know you just finished the Millionaire Fastlane, and it's "opened your eyes" to how you can fix how you've been "floundering like a fish out of water trying to grow". You'll be interested in the one-to-one I had with MJ:

      Hope that helps you further. Again, I seem to help people out, and people seem to be responsive to it. I've helped more than a few little fishes that are out of water.

      Now, if your post has to do with something else then you can direct it at me privately and we'll square it up.

      Otherwise, I trust that this will clear up your concerns. As for Nick you'll have to ask him, I don't even know who he is.

      Feel free to contact me, you have my e-mail.


      P.S.: Good Luck Lorenzo, may the best man win, as they say.

      • Wow you took the time to write all that. I'm not even going to bother with a response. This wasn't a personal attack, it was simple case of theres some SOLID blogs on that list and I don't think yours (among others) belongs there, simple as that… all this other talk I honestly have NO idea where its coming from.

        • Chad says:

          ah ok, sounded personal, since you used my name. Gotcha. Well your opinion is yours, the stats disagree. That's the game I guess. Admittedly I don't blog much and keep my content targeted more to beginners and not specific to cpa. I think they're the guys that actually need help on fundamentals more than anything.

  3. timeshare says:

    I voted for Daily Conversations since I know he is a favorite aff blogger of all of us…

  4. Affbuzz says:

    I think you're going to have to push harder…Some of your competition is outsourcing votes. :X

  5. Colten says:

    You've got my vote! Bee tee dubs.. what type of super car is it?

    • mrgreenam says:

      I think it's one of these:

      Ferrari Italia
      Ferrari 599 GTB
      Mercedes McClaren SLR
      Bentley Continental Supersports
      Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

  6. john says:

    got my vote also

  7. just voted for you…keep us posted!

  8. john m says:

    Mercedes SLR would be awesome; do I get an "I Voted" sticker ? lol

  9. Krista says:

    Voted! Looks like you are in 3rd place. Great hustlin'!!!!

  10. Tony says:

    You got my vote. Hope to meetup in LA!

  11. mrgreenam says:

    Thanks all for the votes!

  12. Biba Veroni says:

    Voted…Nuvolari :)))))))

  13. Alan says:

    If you "Super Affiliates" have so much money shouldn't you already have one of those cars? just wondering.

    • Ken says:

      To be honest, mrgreen is not really rich. He's just trying to be one of those big boys. I know this guy is insecure with zac johnson and gauher chaudhry. Haha. Also, I know this guy won't post my comment. :))

      • mrgreenam says:

        @Ken – You are so right. I'm not rich, I'm insecure with Zach Johnson and Gauher Chaudhry, and I didn't post your comment.

        @Alan – Did you know Warren Buffet (US $39 billion net worth) still lives in a house that he bought for $31,500…Some people just have different priorities.

  14. hd2010 says:

    GreenMan : I voted for you

  15. Alan says:

    Well regardless, for what its worth, I voted for Mr Green anyways. GL bud.

  16. Omry says:

    Most definitely got my vote !

  17. Jax says:

    Love the burn post haha,

    Good to see ya still in the lead, reminds me of when I won my STM forums subscrip. from your poll :P,

    So glad I'm back in a position to put it into use, 2012 is going to be BIG!

    GL Green man!

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  19. Dent says:

    Very inspiring story I love to read success stories from people from any walks of life…

  20. Laura says:

    5th place right now? Not bad…you can hustle and move up. Go for the green and make us proud.

  21. daren says:

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  22. Jack Thanh says:

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