Rant From An Affiliate Manager.
By on Apr 21, 2011

*I introduce you to a guest post by an affiliate manager/marketing mind who’s ahead of her time…but lets not make a deal over three to four minutes..She’s Eleah “no need for a middle name” Portillo from Adsimilis.com. P.S. maybe “rant” is a harsh word, it’s more like constructive criticism.*


“‎4/4/2011, affiliate marketers reach highest productivity in years. The biggest revenue day of the decade for affiliate networks worldwide.” – The affiliate blogger formerly known as Cakes.

Funny how Wickedfire goes down for a hot minute and all the restless pubs come out of the woodwork. One minute, I’m working on a network announcement. The next, I’m inundated with a swarm of adhd infested affiliates.  It was under such aff attack that it hit me…At the ripe old age of 27,  it is quite possible that I am a decade older than a fair share of affiliates on Wickedfire.

Scary thought…

But with older, comes wiser (fingers crossed). So seeing as I’m essentially an elder here, I’m going to whip up a cup of chamomile tea and bombard you with some life advice you don’t always get staying cooped up in your parent’s basement.

Take gravity for example…let it work in your favor, not against you.

gravity, pedobear, kid

In the same vein, understand the symbiotic relationship between affiliates and advertisers. Let that work WITH you, not against you.

People tend to forget that publishers and advertisers respective success is intrinsically tied to each-other. And yet,  time and again, I see affiliates work against advertisers, rather than with them.

Here is an example of an affiliate biting the hand that feeds them:

Mr. Rags

Mr. Rags

A little while back one of my lovely publishers decided to run a dating campaign. He chose an offer that wanted 25+ males from oh let’s say Zanzibar. But since Zanzibar males are hella pricy, he started targeting ONLY 25 and even started blending in 24 and 23 (gasp).  Then he started getting creative with his landing page. Slapped on a sexy emo-ette pouting into the camera (as one does) and alerted visitors that she wanted to meet them. “Naturally,” visitors clicked and even signed up. All REALLY excited to meet Princess Preteen Poutsalot.

Long story short, this pub got the boot, FAST. He received measly pay day in exchange for a ruined relationships and for all his time spent building is “creative” campaign.

….and here is an example of making this relationship work for an affiliate:

mr riches

Mr. Riches

Another on of my lovely publishers started delivering quality leads to a certain offer. However, he was struggling to get into the green even after a lot of testing. He openly communicated with me and let me know where he stood. I contacted the advertiser and told where my pub was at. The advertiser was happy with the lead quality so they started helping out. They created custom pages from my pub backed with increased payouts…an insanely high payout by the end.

12 months on, this pub was sitting pretty with a cool million from this one campaign.

Mr Green: I like that example!

Now I know a loyal reader of Mr. Green would never send fraud, under-aged, or leads otherwise non-compliant with the campaign restrictions…so we’ll skip that. But sometimes JUST sometimes a pub may be swayed to send something a little borderline.

Mr Green: Yes, I can confirm every one of my readers are little angels frolicking in meadows of dandelions and good quality leads.

Listen up pubrones, the leads have to back out for the advertiser or else they will kick you off. If they don’t make money, you don’t make money. Pure and simple.  Advertisers have different payouts for different age groups for a reason. They ask for a certain age range because they have tested what is the most valuable to them. Moreover, once the advertiser sees all the leads from your subid not converting (because again, the users were looking for skin, not a soulmate for $9.99 a month) they will just cap you, pause you or lower your payout to the point of no return.

Sure seems like a waste and time and effort to work on those just to get kicked off the offer. You could churn thru networks, but that’s only a matter of time, and then you burn your relationships with your affiliate managers. Those managers will then be scared to let you run their best offers because you will be known as a publisher with low quality.

On the flip side however, sending the advertiser leads with a legitimate pre-sell will only work in your favor. The advertiser will like your traffic and tell the network. And that my friend, is when the power is in your court. Your network can negotiate a higher payout just for your subid, and your caps can be increased. I’ve seen plenty of advertisers give individual affiliates custom landing pages and payouts more than double the street rate at the network. Not to mention on the network side you will be the go to every time new private deals come in. All in exchange for playing by the rules and having enough pride in your work to send quality.

You see, in the Circle of Affililife, if affiliate’s traffic is not good for the receiving advertisers’ business, it’s not good for your business.

Ads + Smileys de las Adsimilis,

Mrs. PortiLOL

Mr Green: Amen sister!


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  1. Dino Vedo says:

    wowww eleah the blogger… what a surprise!! 😉

  2. Stephen says:

    Yup! I can vouch getting rewarded for quality, my biggest campaign ever spawned from an unusually large payout bump.

  3. Great post. Eleah is teh shit!

  4. Josh_Todd says:

    She speaks the truth. And so does Mr. Cakes about the highest affiliate productivity day ever on April 4. lol

  5. I love you, Eleah! This should be required reading for both new and seasoned affiliates.

  6. Kang says:

    Eleah is like a celebrity AM!

    Great post!

  7. Jonathan Volk says:

    Legit. "JV approved message." Haha

  8. d3so says:

    Common sense stuff that’s good to be reminded of every once in a while.

  9. iPwnNoobs says:

    Yes and, I can confirm all the advertisers are little angels frolicking in meadows of dandelions too and they're all providing constant & tremendous value to the users we send to their offers.

  10. pofben says:

    From my perspective, it's the exact same. The guys who have worked w/ POF the longest have been the guys who have advertised within the guidelines. Open communication helps as well, let us help you!!

  11. PREACH! You are so dead on, as per usual, my sista from anotha motha. God bless! Please start your own blog.

  12. This is so right.. Having a good relationship with the advertiser and AM can get you places!

  13. Angry Russian says:

    Great post Eldubs… but let me play devils advocate.

    We are assuming that
    1. The advertiser won't steal your campaign… because that never hapens.
    2. The affiliate network won't steal your campaign… also way far fetched considering networks are buying traffic sources
    3. The offer your running isn't brokered, because obviously most networks get their offers direct and not from Azoogs and the like

    Love you 🙂

  14. Mr Green says:

    Hahaha! Totally valid points there too. I dont want to respond on my behalf of Eleah but…I guess you must play it on a case to case basis. I just try to work with companies that I trust and respect. However if you are forced to work with a shifty company (due to some exclusive offer) well then keep your mouth shut, hide as much as you can, then hope they don’t pull a quickie on you.

    Hopefully you are never in position where you have to deal with a company like that.

    Just my two cents.

  15. Antonio says:

    GREAT POST! I also agree with Mr. Green… I ONLY work with companies and Affiliate Managers I trust. Trust is HUGE, and plays a big part in this game. Becoming an advertiser myself, I trust that I will have Affiliate Managers Like Eleah to work with!

  16. mrgreenam says:

    Ya tozhe tebya looblyoo… and it wouldn't be a blog without the Angry Russian advocating it up. I'll be disappointed if you ever don't interject.

    1. Advertiser stealing campaigns – yep, it happens and man is it aaaaaaawkward when it does. But I'm not talking about always opening up and sharing everything with them. Paranoid? Great, that's justified in this biz! Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, and hide yo ads! Block your refers. I'm simply advocating playing by the rules and taking the extra two minutes before copying and pasting what you see in your scraper. Don't cheat yourself (and me) by knowingly sending crap.

    Or even barely squeaking by crap. If the offer says 25+, don't send 100% 25 year olds and kavetch when they don't give you a bump because they can't monetize a bajillion 25 year olds as well as they can older demos. Think about the purpose of the leads, the intent of the lead buyer. There is supposed to be value transfered at all ends of the chain, from soliciting the qualified person to delivering a relevant product to the consumer that alleviates the need they responded to in the first place. Don't think about the lowest caliber lead you can squeak by, that only makes more work for yourself in the long run.

    2. If you're concerned about your affiliate networks stealing your campaigns, than you're not working with the right networks. Period. Most pubs who have been in the space for a while, such as your fine self, are jaded 'n spaded, and like yourself, are not working with someone you don't already know, so it's a moot point.

    3. I wrote this blog from the only perspective I know, that is to say mine, and none of my deals are brokered. But I feel you, and fortunately, your'e a big boy (no seriously though, you're freaking tall dude), throw that shiz in http headers, work with the network at the top of the food chain, or float the cash and go direct, or work with people/situations that work best for you for whatever reason. Let's not forget some deals are network exclusives (at least at first) and some networks are openly brokering by publisher demand (MakeMyBaby, SpeedDate, countless historic examples when these deals were in their prime) Pubs that knowingly send to 2nd and 3rd tier networks are looking for a place to send their dubious quality – that is not my audience. Brokered or not. I don't care, the story is still the same. Regardless of where your leads are going, sending the ultimate buyer something they can use that is valuable to them will be rewarded as they will want more of it. There is a direct relationship between the quality of your leads (or lack thereof) and the potential for said leads to get scrubbed or optimized off by the advertiser.


  17. Spamber says:

    One of your finest writings Eleah!

  18. […] “Rant From An Affiliate Manager“ – Are you actually working with your affiliate manager? If you’re looking for higher payouts, you definitely should be. […]

  19. […] “Rant From An Affiliate Manager“ – Are you actually working with your affiliate manager? If you’re looking for higher payouts, you definitely should be. […]

  20. […] “Rant From An Affiliate Manager“ – Are you actually working with your affiliate manager? If you’re looking for higher payouts, you definitely should be. […]

  21. Elbert Gary says:

    Take away: work direct with advertisers.

  22. […] from Adsimilis rants about some affiliates on Mr Green. […]

  23. Great posts,
    work with affiliate manager and advertisers not against them. Good point.

  24. Ram Gunjal says:

    This is what we all are expecting…?

    Network 1 : – Please Pause —- Campaign, as your quality was not backing out for the advertiser.
    Thanks in advance,

    Then i used to switch the affiliate link.

    Network 2 : (AM1) – We have been contacted by the advertiser for Dating – —— offer. They arent seeing good quality on their backend for your traffic. Initially they wanted to optimize you off the offer but we fought to keep your traffic at an adjusted payout. Your new payout for Dating – —offer will be dropped from $4.25 to $3.20.

    Then i pause the offer

    After we days –

    Network 2: (AM2) – The advertiser asked if you could send more traffic again, they really liked the quality and im hoping if you send more, i can get you a higher payout. Let me know! Talk with you soon


  25. Vanessa says:

    Great article again Mr. Green. It just shows how you have to completely split test an entire demographic to gain more traffic (for the advertiser's wants) and to ensure you find the right demographic with the highest EPC. Only then will you be successful in IM.

  26. Awesome article Mr.Green . Work with affiliate manager and advertisers not against them.

  27. Please let me know if you’re looking for a author for your weblog. You have some really good posts and I feel I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d love to write some articles for your blog in exchange for a link back to mine. Please shoot me an e-mail if interested. Thanks!

  28. Not gonna lie… I wanna have some hard sex with Eleah

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