Plenty of Fish. Plenty of Money (Part 1)
By on Mar 09, 2010

Plenty of Fish ads has come from absolutely nowhere to become one of the best targeting platforms in existence. If Facebook ads is like a beached starfish that hasn’t moved for years, Plenty of Fish ads is like a highly evolved octopus with brains capable of entering bank lobbies.

plenty of fish ads octopus

Photo captured at HSBC Bank in Toronto, CA.

Alright Mr Green enough of the ridiculous metaphors, give us some facts…


So I’m guessing the number one reason for people not moving over to Plenty of Fish is because they don’t think the volume is there. Please cast your eyes to the stats below.

Monthly Visits

  • US: 65.4 million
  • Canada: 22.6 million
  • UK: 18 million
  • Australia: 2.2 million
  • Ireland: 1 million

At first glance that might not make much impact on you. But with less competition, click prices are cheap cheap cheap. People are doing huge volume in the US getting 16-17 cent clicks. CA with 11 cent clicks. UK with 4 cent clicks. With Australia and Ireland we are talking about 4 cents clicks and lower.

Next week Plenty of Fish are leveraging their traffic even more. You want more volume? You got it! They are introducing banners 300×250, 160×600 and 120×600. Yes they were meant to do this a while ago but next week is supposed to be the week. Want to make some easy money? Start making your banners now. The first few days there will be hardly any competition with these creative sizes. Clicks will be cheaper than cheap.


  • 55% – Male
  • 45% – Female

Affiliate marketing is a male dominated niche. By default a lot of us market only to guys. 45% of Plenty of Fish is female traffic. Talk to your wifey, girlfriend, partner, main squeeze, mother or grandmother about marketing to the ladies. You might be surprised what they can teach you.


  • 71% collรจge or university
  • 10% Masters Degree or Higher

Household Children

  • 57%

Can you say Snuggie for kids? I kid, i kid. The majority of people on Plenty of Fish are not those “young guy looking for fun” types that most affiliates start targeting. They are there because they want to start a family. Get into to that mindset.


  • 39k – 23%
  • 30-60k 36%
  • 60-100k 23%
  • 100k-150k 12%
  • 150kk+ 6%


  • 18-24 20%
  • 25-34 20%
  • 35-44 19%
  • 45-54 24%
  • 55+ 17%

Average Activity

  • Time on site 15.1 mins
  • Page Views 22.5

Pay attention to session depth and frequency caps. They are forces to be reckoned with! They can make or break a campaign.

Now I present to you the most underused tool in affiliate marketing history. The Plenty of Fish demographic search engine.

plenty of fish demographic tool

It is 100% free. Out in the public. Everyone can use it but not everyone does.

How does it work?

Lets say you have a knitting offer. Sure you have a rough idea of the demographics of older women but lets dig deeper. Enter “knitting” into the demographic search tool. Pick out the results with the highest percentages. Using this tool you’ll know to target:

  • Women 55+
  • PHD/ Post Doctoral and Masters Degree
  • Widowed
  • Big & Tall/BBW

This tool will tell you exactly what to target in order to get those insanely high CTRs which lead to cheap clicks. Game over.

Plenty of Fish. Plenty of Money.

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  1. Pretty awesome post Lorenzo. Keep it up with what your doing. Thank you.

  2. Michael says:

    Lorenzo is delivering again and again ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have you had any problems with traffic quality on POF and do you have any tips to avoid this in the first place?

  3. Frienx says:

    POF is the leading free dating site its excellent for affiliates because everyone is single & desperate so chances of them completing an offer are much greater then any other site.

  4. Riley Pool says:

    Way to keep it coming with useful posts Lorenzo!

  5. Have you tried anything besides dating on POF?

    If so please elaborate.

  6. MikeMike says:

    What's up with your blog giving out useful tips? Where's your optin list so you can bomb us with (as of today and yesterday) Frank Kern's cash machine or whatever the hell it's called.

    Why are you not wasting our time with vague marketing tips and strategies?

    This is unacceptable.

  7. Tran says:

    I'm not understanding how session depth plays a part in targeting. Care to elaborate?

  8. gene says:

    why reveal this info ???

  9. Lorenzo,

    Another great post. I was trying to stay away from POF so I can focus on PPV but you are making me think twice. Are they as strict as FB regarding images and such?

  10. Ridvan says:

    changing my startpage from affbuzz to


  11. Mr Yellow says:

    LOL, creating more competition for everyone… People should really shut up about traffic sources, what benefit does it give anyone if more people are bringing up CPM prices? Oh yeah you want to be the new "useful" affiliate marketing blog.

    Too bad POF will be over run eventually, and another traffic source slowly dies…..

    Give yourself a pat on the back buddy! Now everyone likes your blog so I guess that's whole point right?

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      Yeah you are so right Mr Yellow! I guess I should take your advice and just spam users with useless info! Yay!

      I bet you 90% of my readers already have POF accounts. The majority of people who are not using their account, will continue to not use them. The ones who are active might pick up a tip or two. Looks like your days of POF glory might be over now. Since this post raised CPM prices by 0.000000623. I'm sorry.

      • Josh Todd says:

        Maybe if Mr. Yellow used the advice in this post then he could actually LOWER his CPM cost. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • David Adams says:

        I'm only 172 weeks slow, and am just now seeing these articles and well………. this post made me laugh. Especially the reply:

        "Since this post raised CPM prices by 0.000000623. I'm sorry."

        Now that it's been 3 years, I wonder if there's too much competition. I know that people are making money, but I'm also reading that many are struggling, or at least not adapting to having to constantly change their creatives to overcome the burnouts.

        I'm still in the learning process, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Jon says:

    It's already pretty saturated. I remember just a couple months ago you were able to bid .15 or .20 CPM and be able to get a bunch of impressions in the U.S. Now youd be lucky to bid .30 or .40 and get a decent amount of impressions. Some demos I have to bid .70+ to get anyting.

  13. newjersey says:

    an added bonus is that you can run ads and steal images from the same web site!

  14. […] ads, you should be able to do the same on POF with minimal effort. So what are you waiting for? As Mr Green likes to say, “Plenty of Fish, Plenty Of […]

  15. bbw dating says:

    Your was really what I’ve been searching for. THanx!

  16. d3so says:

    I've heard about plenty of fish but never used it. I'll be sure to check it out because you over ephasized the cheap! And hopefully cheap will help earn bigger profits.

  17. Mark says:

    Great article…I've been thinking about marketing on POF, but I've also been wondering about MIVA PPC. I know in the past MIVA was not the best marketing platform for conversions, but lately I've been hearing better things. Have you ever used MIVA? Had any success with them? Their clicks seem to be cheaper then POF, from what I've found online! Thanks for your time and stay green!

  18. How about GUTS? Nah, just kidding. You really don't need unbridled courage to be a successful online income affiliate. But, how about SKILL?

    Yep! That's your absolute BIGGIE, the one affiliate program income attribute you cannot do without, because, more than

    anything else today, online income acquisition demands that you have specific attack plans for your advertising campaigns.

    Keywords are the life blood of online income affiliate advertising and sales.SMARTS – that's the name of today's online income affiliate game.

    You already have "smarts?" Good, that gives you a head start. Yet, the catch is, knowing exactly when, how, where, and what strategies to implement

    with the God-given smarts you possess.

  19. Ed says:

    Great article chuck full of stats for POF. We have advertised with them in the past. We found that banner blindness is starting to kick in but still high converting compared with others.

    The dating site market is now very segmented… you kind of have to wonder if/when there will be consolidation. The hot niche market these days seems to be Sugar Daddys, as can be evidenced on POF… glut of ads for young girls looking for rich older men. Once the economy turns the corner will be interesting to see if the traditional sites will get a boost.

  20. Lorenzo, great post – thanks for sharing this info

  21. Question, how do you get ads bigger than 110×80? I thought that was thier standard and if you uploaded a bigger ad they would distort it into that size..?

    And just for information, I have made my firt $14 in my internet marketing career (not profit) but still given me a boost thanks to Pof… (Down side network have deactivated the campaign.. :() I will not be beat…

    Would like to boast about Pof Ad uploader from Mr Green but don't want to give secrets away… Oopps just did..

  22. Steven says:

    Played with their "demographic search engine" a while ago and tried it again just now after reading your post only to find … it's still crap. Or maybe I'm too stupid to read the results right.

    For several interests I tried, I get >100% figures. What gives?


    Results for: "kite surfing"


    Male: 158.65% (expected is 100%)

    Female: 23.05% (expected is 100%)

    Somebody explain this please?

  23. Barnlofter says:

    Great info Facbook and Google move over. Love the pic too. And I thought POF was good for only one thing!!


  24. Carrina says:

    Thank you for the helpful information but going to keep up with PPV for now then if it does not become more successful then I will def. try the POF – but i have to stop jumping around all over the place.

    "Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I'm not there, I go to work."

  25. Adie says:

    Nice post, I have tried this for an old client and the click rate was huge. Conversions were average but I think it was the site and product not the traffic.

    You have reminded me to try this again with a Aff Product – thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nice design on your blog btw…

  26. juanjohopper says:

    Great post Mr Green!!!

  27. […] Plenty of Fish. Plenty of Money (Part 1) Plenty of Fish ads has come from absolutely nowhere to become one of the best targeting platforms in existence. If Facebook ads is like a… […]

  28. […] Plenty of Fish. Plenty of Money (Part 1) Plenty of Fish ads has come from absolutely nowhere to become one of the best targeting platforms in existence. If Facebook ads is like a… […]

  29. […] I think Uber Affiliate has really delivered an unknown and very useful tool here – it is worth the search.ย  You can also get to it directly from here too. […]

  30. gara_max says:

    What's up with your blog giving out useful tips? Where's your optin list so you can bomb us with (as of today and yesterday) Frank Kern's cash machine or whatever the hell it's called.

    Why are you not wasting our time with vague marketing tips and strategies?

    This is unacceptable.

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