Plenty Of Fish Case Study – Crazy Eye Results.
By on Aug 11, 2011

plenty of fish test

Earlier this week I ran a creepy plenty of fish case study based off a tweet I read by @smaxor. I tried to figure out whether or not eye direction on ads made any difference, and if so how much?…It was also a way of finding out whether guys fancied chickies with wandering eyes.

I then got everyone to vote on which ad they thought would draw the highest CTR. Over 50% of votes were for the two ads which had the woman staring at the call-to-action (I would of voted for that too).

Here are the actual results:

Exhibit A.1 0.14% CTR | Exhibit B.1 0.16% CTR

Reader votes: 8.8% and 7.9%

(eyes looking at camera)



Exhibit A.2 0.17% CTR | Exhibit B.2 0.19% CTR

Reader votes: 30.7% and 18.6%

(eyes looking at call to action)



Exhibit A.3 0.15% CTR | Exhibit B.3 0.24% CTR

Reader votes: 5.1% and 6.5%

(one eye looking at camera, one eye looking at call to action)



Exhibit A.4 0.19% CTR | Exhibit B.4 0.21% CTR

 Reader votes: 14.9% and 7.4%

(crossed eyes)


The Conclusions:

  • The girls looking into the camera (A1, A2) performed the worst.
  • The girls looking at the call to action did better than the default ads, but lost out to the crazy eye ladies.
  • Ad B3 destroyed the competition with 0.24% CTR. 6.5% of you voted for that one, congrats! 93.5% of you didn’t, booo!!!
  • The girl on the right out performed the girl on the left in all experiments.

“Thanks Mr Green for that interesting case study (who says thanks to themselves in third person?), I can totally understand why the crazy eye women had the best CTRs, but I bet the normal looking girls had the most conversions, am I right?”


A1. 2 conversions   A2. 2 conversions  A3. 2 conversions A4. 4 conversions

B1. 2 conversions  B2. 4 conversions  B3. 5 conversions B4. 5 conversions.


This is the part where I hate internet marketing. I feel like I have it all figured out, I feel like there is all this logic to it. Then when I get results like this it makes me second guess everything.

It wasn’t just that the ads with more conversions received more clicks, the clicks actually converted better.

I’m unsure what to draw from this…

Guys dig crazy eyes?

Am I a guy?

Who am I?

P.S. I  dedicate this case study to this kiwi song

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  1. d3so says:

    Maybe the answer lies in the offer you were promoting.
    I don’t think you mentioned it.

  2. mrgreenam says:

    Haha I very much doubt it. It doesn't cater for guys with crazy eye fetishes. The offer was

  3. Adam says:

    Totally dig the Kiwi song reference, without a word of a lie…when reading that post, I was humming that song…read down a bit…presto!

  4. Ken says:

    What was the conversion rate like?

  5. yogev lif says:

    I stopped looking for Logic in IM. all I look for is results and that is all there is to it.

  6. I think it's to do with the level of seriousness involved in the picture.

    I'm guessing that guys who are single and willing to sign up to a dating website are looking for a serious relationship, using the image with the girl making her eyes all crazy B3 is kind of an ice-breaker in that it makes the guy think the girl is having some fun with her picture and comes off less intimidating to approach.

    My 2 cents

  7. WayneDog says:

    Great case study but the only thing I can be sure about from this is that the girl on the right outperforms the girl on the left. I think your sample size was too small to come to any other solid conclusion as I have found it usually takes much more data than this. I’m going off the low number of conversions you posted as you didn’t specify clicks anywhere. If you have this campaign profitable already I would love to see you let this run a bit longer and update it then. Again, great case study I just think the results aren’t accurate just yet, needs a bit more data.

    • Bratok says:

      The girl on the right has more cleavage…that's why! 🙂

    • mrgreenam says:

      @WayneDawg I had a decent amount of clicks to each ad (it was just the conversion rate was very low). I agree I could spend a bit more to get more accurate data. But going off my own personal experience, I would start weeding out the bad preforming ads at this stage.

  8. Blind says:

    You forgot to test one with out the irises 🙂

  9. NathanT says:

    Great tune Mr Green

    Who thanks themself in 3rd Person? NickyCakes of course.

    Guys dig crazy eyes?

    Am I a guy?

    Who am I?

    Bono in the making…

  10. Justin says:

    Woot got it right

  11. Interesting, i think I guessed wrongly.

  12. Liam says:

    -> The "WTF?!" moment gets the click
    -> The rush of relief when the girls on the site look normal gets the sale

    Now to test the baby arm. Or perhaps a dead fetus attached to the side of her head.

  13. Man that conversion data really does throw logic out the window.

    I think ultimately what might be at play here is the offer page/LP does its job pretty well on selling the user and getting them to sign up, so even though the crazy eye ads are out there they get the initial interest but the lander/offer page brings them back in and gets them to convert.

  14. pofben says:

    Great case study, should I warn the ad approval team of the pending flood of derpy-eyed images? LOL

  15. pofSheena says:

    If I see a new and crazy trend happening across the site, where everyone shows up cross-eyed, I'll be extremely amused!!

  16. We should start an offer considering all the demand,

  17. I think were on to something here… does this mean cross eyed girls will be the future of Internet marketing?

  18. Jesse says:

    This is a good case study but all in all the conversions on those cross eyed chicks are likely to be worse for this particular niche you chose.

  19. Alex says:

    great case study. Did you use a LP or it was DL?

  20. mrgreenam says:

    Direct linked.

  21. Your_Pal says:

    lol thats strange. It seems like most of the guys who clicked on cross eyed girls were all with crazy eyes themselves. who knows?

    Although this case study made me think that all the affiliate marketers out there are just making money by their luck not by their efforts.

  22. Daniel says:

    hahaha. what messed up results.

  23. Paperdonut says:

    Great case study!

  24. PPCHound says:

    This would probably blast an offer for Lasik Eye Surgery right out of the water LOL

  25. Haha..that's hilarious. I do not know how I even ran into this site, but I'm glad I did..its funny. Oh wait..I just came from J Volk reading about some Facebook affiliate software, and somebody linked to your site saying that it doesn't work anymore. man.

  26. […] kind of ridiculous. But I can’t even stand to think about going full time down the PPC route. Split testing who prefers cross-eyed women and trying to scrape a profit. Staying up half the night watching a campaign only to repeat it […]

  27. […] “Plenty Of Fish Case Study – Crazy Eye Results.“ – Who would have thought that something as simple as the direction of a woman’s eyes in an ad could influence the CTR? These are results you don’t want to miss… especially if you’re in the dating niche. […]

  28. […] “Plenty Of Fish Case Study – Crazy Eye Results.“ – Who would have thought that something as simple as the direction of a woman’s eyes in an ad could influence the CTR? These are results you don’t want to miss… especially if you’re in the dating niche. […]

  29. Adi says:

    Hmmm…. it’s just me or there not enough statistics??

    if you got like 5 conversions I get you don’t got enough clicks for every ad to see how it perform in the long run… this case study doesn’t have enough statistics to be a decent one – where is the “juice” of clicks I am used to see? 🙂

  30. If you look at the CR vs image, it's obvious that the disarming factor of the crossed eyes in B4 is the cause and effect. Cleavage is in all 4 photos.

  31. Sarah says:

    With all due respect to my idle Mr. Green, am I the only here to ask what's the point of such "case studies"?

    It seems to be nothing but just a "bait"…. (to sign up the forum maybe?)…

    I like Mr. Green's posts much better before he became part of the Stack That Money forum.

    • mrgreenam says:

      I made this case study because I was curious. I was curious, so I tested it out, and thought why not share it.

      It seems like people found it interesting and entertaining.

      I even know one big dating company who tried out my test for their internal marketing campaign.

      Since day one I've written posts based on what interested me, that hasn't changed.

      I do affiliate marketing because I enjoy it. I blog because I enjoy it. If I had to please everyone I wouldn't enjoy it.

      I'm sorry.

  32. […] MrGreen – PlentyOfFish Crazy Eye Test Results […]

  33. Gab says:

    Love to see you run this experiment longer to get statistically significant conversions – the above are very little and can just be a fluke. Regardless, kudos to you for the amusing study and surprising results

  34. disciple says:

    Doesn't surprise me the crazy eyed pics got the higher conversions. I'd imagine their psychological train of thought was something like this…

    -WTF!? What's up with her eyes. (CLICK)
    -Landing page with hotter normal looking women (thus GREATER attraction)

    In essence the kookoo eyes, pre-sold the hotter LP women by creating a comparison in their mind to the semi-retarded looking woman they clicked on.

  35. Tony says:

    Really cool case study. I'm not surprised by the conversion stats however.

    I mean, the point of the banner is to sell the click, not to make the sale. So people probably clicked the banner out of curiosity and it was the landing page that did all the selling.

  36. NOYB says:

    Look, plenty of fish is a dating site ripe with morons. Don't ever consider long-term potential from this site, unless you like bottom dwellers and those who are so beyond repair.

  37. Black Tokyo says:

    The Crazy eyes symbolizes that fun side to a women. You simply created the reality of a friend within that photo.
    More of a Emotional Connection.

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  39. Lashawn says:

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  40. says:

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though
    you relied on the video to make your point.
    You obviously know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

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