How To Become an Affiliate Millionaire in Three Years
By on Jul 22, 2010

*Warning: This post is a long one, like world record long, like the amount of time it take for Facebook interns to respond to emails long. You might want to warm up some milk and bake some fresh cookies before stepping into the deep end.*

Last week while I was procrastinating, surfing the web for a new sensation, I came across a post “How to Become a Millionaire in Three Years“. My initial reaction was “Sigh…let’s see what this guy is trying to sell.” But I was pleasantly surprised by the content. “Good stuff” my brain said. Basically it’s a list of general sound advice on how to become wealthy. Three years is just a number thrown out there, but it’s certainly achievable.

Anywho, whilst reading the list, I kept matching a lot of these points with my success in affiliate marketing. You can call me DJ Cut N’ Paste, here’s my affiliate remix to “How to Become an A Million in Three Years”:affiliate millionaire

“1. Surround yourself with smart people – Smart people whom are successful usually get there by doing the same and have an innate desire to help those do the same.”

I have a list of successful affiliates on my AIM and Skype that I bounce ideas off all the time. I’ve even got a few small mastermind groups that I’m part of. Forums and conferences are a perfect place to start. I would have never been this successful without these groups.

“2. Say no way more than you say yes – I bet almost every web entrepreneur has encountered this: You demo your product / explain what you’re doing and someone suggests that you do “X feature/idea”. X is a really good idea and maybe even fits in with what you’re doing, but it would take you SO FAR off the path you’re on. If you implemented X it would take a ton of time and morph what you’re doing. It’s also really really hard to say no when it comes from someone well respected like a VC or famous entrepreneur. I mean how the fuck could they be wrong? Hell, they might even write me a check if I do what they say!!!!! Don’t fall for that trap. Instead write the feedback down somewhere as one single data point to consider amongst others. If that same piece of feedback keeps coming up AND it fits within the guidelines of your vision, then you should consider it more seriously. Weight suggestions from paying customers a bit more, since their vote is weighted by dollars.”

Oh I love my affiliate managers I really do. They tend to get the beating stick more then they deserve. They present us with so many great converting offers. But, learn to say no. I’ve struggled to say no for a while. I’m still learning now, but I know that Mr Money lives in Focusland.

focus make money online

“3. Get as many distribution channels as possible – In general online business there is some weird sense that if you build something they will just come. That a few “like”+retweet buttons and emails to will make your traffic explode + grow consistently. It fucking won’t. Get as many distribution channels as possible. Each one by itself may not be large, but if you have many it starts to add up. It also diversifies your risk. If you’re a 100% SEO play, you’re playing a dangerous dangerous game. You’re fully dependent upon someone else’s rules. If Google bans you, you will be done. You could easily replace the SEO example with: App store, facebook, etc.”

I’m a firm believer in mastering a source of traffic. HOWEVER, if you do have a campaign that is burning hot on your traffic source, then allow an exception to scale with other channels.

“4. Go with your gut and do not care about fameballing – Go with what your gut says, regardless of how it might look to the rest of the world. Too often we (I) get lost in caring about what people think. It usually leads to a wrong decision. Don’t worry about becoming internet famous or appearing on teh maj0r blogz. Fame is fleeting in the traditional sense. Become famous with your customers. They’re the ones that truly matter. What they think matters and they will ultimately put their money where their mouth is.”

The top gurus have got this down to a fine art. They don’t care about the affiliate horde or bloggers that bash them. They care about the people making them money, their customers.

guru affiliates

“5. Be an unrelenting machineBrick walls are there to show you how bad you want something. Commit to your goals and do not waver from them a one bit regardless of what else is there. I took this approach to losing weight and fitness.  I have not missed a single 5k run in over a year. It did not matter if I had not slept for two days, traveling across the country, or whatever else. If your goal is to become a millionaire, you need to be an unrelenting machine that does not let emotions make you give up / stop. You either get it done with 100% commitment or you don’t. Be a machine.”

I believe that if you want something, you need to have 100% commitment mentally, not just physically. What I mean by this is that you don’t need to work for two days at a time, or stop yourself from traveling across the country. Just set targets. Hit them, work smart, and don’t let anything veer you off course.

“6. If you do focus on a dollar amount, focus on the first $10,000 – This usually means you’ve found some repeatable process / minimal traction. ie- if you’re selling a $100 product, you’ve already encountered 100 people who have paid you. From here you can scale up. It’s also a lot easier to take in when you’re looking at numbers. Making 1 million seems hard, but making $10,000 doesn’t seem so hard, right?”

Enough said.

“7. Get out and be social – Even if you’re an introvert, being around people will give you energy. I’m at my worst when I’m isolated from people and at my best when I’ve at least spent some time with close friends (usually who I don’t know from business).”

I play football around seven times a week. I go out 3-4 times a week. If I stay inside for long periods, I go nuts and start becoming “busy” and unproductive. Going out and being social also gives you a good chance to give yourself perspective on your business.

socialize in business

“8. Make waves, don’t ride them There was a famous talk Jawed Karim gave from youtube. He described the factors that made youtube take off in terms of secondary/enabling technologies. I think they included (1- broadband in the home 2- emergence of flash, so no codecs required 3- proliferation of digital cameras 4- cheap hosting 5- one click upload 6- ability to share embed). Find those small pieces and put them together to make the wave. That’s what youtube did imho. The other guys really just rode the wave they created (which is okay).”

Riding waves will allow you to be semi-comfortable, but pioneering campaigns is the way to hit the big time. I’ve written about this argument here.

“9. Market opportunity A million dollars is not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but it certainly is a lot if the market opportunity is not large enough.  Spend time on offers that have been around for a while and that appeals to a broad demographic. Forget about offers with caps. With traffic sources don’t spend all your time and effort optimizing a small demographic that you can’t possibly scale. Even if you put Bill Gates and Steve Jobs as founders in a new venture with a total market size of 10 million, there is no way they could become too wealthy without completely changing the business (ie- failing).”

We are lucky with affiliate marketing that we can have our fingers in a lot of small cookie jars. However, it gets tedious and hard to manage. My advice…spend time in niches where if you hit it right, you can win big.

“10. Always keep your door/inbox open – You never know who is going to walk through your door + contact you. Serendipity is a beautiful thing. At one point Bill Gates was just a random college kid calling an Albuquerque computer company.”

We all get flooded with affiliate network offers and traffic opportunities, most absolute garbage. But there are always a few delicious crispy nuggets here and there that make skimming through the junk worth it.

“11. Give yourself every opportunity you can – I use this as a reason why starting a company in silicon valley when it comes to tech is a good idea. You can succeed anywhere in the world, but you certainly have a better chance in the valley. You should give yourself every opportunity possible, especially as an entrepreneur where every advantage counts.”

I live in a country where I only know two other affiliates who have been successful in this industry. I believe my path to success would have been easier if I was living  in San Fran or LA. This point I’ve failed at big time.

new zealand affiliate marketing

“12. Stick with it – Don’t give up too fast. Being broke and not making any money sucks + can often make you think nothing will ever work. Don’t quit when you’re down. If this was easy then everyone would be a millionaire and being a millionaire wouldn’t be anything special. Certainly learn from your mistakes + pivot, but don’t quit just because it didn’t work right away.”

Things were not easy for me at the start. I had a tough time making my way. Learn from every failure. Look at it as a positive step forward. People get into am with the idea of instant success. If it were easy, affiliates wouldn’t be around.

“13. Don’t Be Emotional – Emotions can let you make stupid decisions.  It can make you not walk away because you’re attached to something.  Most importantly it will lead to indecision and a loss of confidence.  Put your emotions into your product or save them for your lover, family, friends,etc.”

Have you ever burnt a ton of money on a test campaign because you got excited when one conversion came up very early on? Or tested a campaign so briefly, because you had little confidence in yourself that you could make it work? I used to be like that, but over time became very apathetic. To not be emotional is easier said than done, but it comes with experience. It definitely helps a lot to not let your judgment become clouded.

dont become emotional marketing

“14. Don’t Leave Things Up to Chance – People feel that things will just work out due to carpe diem.  They usually don’t  People can be unreliable, deals can fall through, and shit will always happen.  Prepare for multiple scenarios and contingencies.  You can mitigate this by working with smart AND reliable people.”

Work with solid offers, solid traffic sources, and solid affiliate networks. No point in doing anything risky, there are many great safe options around to pick from.

“15. Don’t Get Comfortable – You will probably get comfortable somewhere around 200k, maybe less or more, but it will certainly be before 1 million dollars.  If you get comfortable you start getting off balance and having the hunger to move forward.  Reward yourself a little bit, but live as frugally as possible.  I have friends who have made some okay money, but blow it all away on stupid shit because they got comfortable.”

This is a ‘that’s a bingo’! Another relevant point is that with your long term campaigns, it is close to impossible to have a fully optimized campaign…keep pushing yourself.

“16. Don’t Skimp on the Important Things – When it comes to things that need to be reliable such as infrastructure, delivery, or even your own personal tech equipment – don’t skimp out.  These are the tools that ensure reliability and your product being delivered.  You can skimp on the office space, the desks, coach airfare, budget motel in mountain view,etc.”

Invest in good web hosting, ad servers and tracking. Make sure you get the absolute best fit for your campaigns.  As soon as you have a dodgy web hosting provider, you add more guess work to your campaigns. Absolutely basic common sense.

invest in affiliate products

“17. Keep The Momentum Going –  I’ve had projects where things were moving a million miles an hour, then BOOM, they just lost a lot of momentum.  That is the worst possible thing you can have happen.  Keep moving the ball everyday.”

We’ve all had campaigns where we’ve had this initial burst of enthusiasm, completed half the campaign, then just left it to rot because a hot new idea came up. Stick with an idea and run with it. Failure is better than no result at all.

Here are a couple of points I’ve written more focused at affiliate marketing.

  • 18. NEVER Ask “Do You Think This Will Work?” – If you get an answer 90% of the time, it will be plucked out of thin air. Do you know who is the only person that knows the answer like that? The Mightly Super Captain Test-it.
  • 19. There Is No Best Network – So you did well with one offer on a network and became emotionally attached. Don’t get blinded and only running offers on your ‘buddy buddy’ network.  Let ole pops tell you a wee story…last year I ran a test for offer X on my favoritest cutest network, “network X”. That test failed. “Woah is me!” I said. How could this be? I had experience with similar offers. It didn’t make sense to ole pops. So I tried running offer X on network Z. I jumped out of my slippers when I saw the ROI was 1:4. It ended up making mid $xx,xxx profit.
  • 20 Learn How To Filter –I’ve written over 20,000 words on my blog.  Some of posts are even contradictions.  As soon as you start adding in other blogs and forums you will feel like you’re being pulled in a five million directions.  You then become indecisive.  Take in information, and then filter the good bits while synthesizing them to be a part of your overall plan.  What works for person A does not always work for person B.

Did I leave anything out?


Summary for my A.D.H.D readers (15 words):


Work hard.


Meet the right people.

Keep to large markets.

Don’t get lazy.

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  1. Affbuzz says:

    I've heard (and found to be true) that the money you make is usually equal to the average amount of money made between your 5 closest friends. Surround yourself with successful people, keep your focus and always be pushing forward towards a defined a goal.

    Nice work, Lozo.

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      Interesting point. I can see that happen in a lot of circles.

      • TBone says:

        Man I know that this is one of your older post's but I have to tell you that it is just a great post and full of very us full quality content that no-matter who you are 'You can get something out of it"

    • Absolutely. The friend thing is a problem for me. Since becoming an internet marketer, I have grown further and further apart from my old beer drinking buddies of my youth.

      I live in the sticks and don't get to associate with other marketers nearly as much as I would like to. Need to move closer to a city somewhere and start attending more industry events.

      Thanks for a great blog post. Now I gotta get back to the grind.


    • ruh roh says:

      Is that why we aren't friends anymore? O_o

  2. Great post Lorenzo.

    I love the 'being social' aspect, especially working from home. Even if I only talk to a few people, working out is a great way to get out of the house, break up the day, and refresh body/mind for a strong afternoon/night.


  3. CD says: Dennis Yu

  4. Steve says:

    Great post! I'm not doing a lot of those things… hmmmm I have some work to do…

  5. Kiwi_Bob says:

    Always a pleasure lorenzo. Its always nice to hear from a fellow kiwi who;s making a good spread in the IM world. Keep it coming mate.

  6. Alan says:

    Hey Mrgreen, I read your blog a few times a week when I see you post something interesting through affbuzz so technically you could call me a fan.

    Your recent title "How To Become an Affiliate Millionaire in Three Years" was intriguing so I thought i'd check it out. Even more intriguing though is your few words for the ADHD crowd like me.

    Now here is why I am writing today. You say "stick to large markets" when most 99% of other people say to stick to small niches. its easy for you to say that when you have a well established website in a farely crowded niche but how do you expect people to get noticed in a huge/crowded niche when your website is on the XXXX page of google? Lets also assume we/I don't have thousands of dollars a month to spend on adwords/media buys.

    Ed dale is doing "The Challenge" right now specifically dealing with small niche websites.

    Care to explain how you would get started in a large niche like Stocks / Weight loss / Etc if you didn't have an established website like you do now.

    If you've already discussed this issue in a different blog post can you point me in the right direction. THANKS!

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      Hey Alan,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Firstly I want clear up with you that SEO is certainly not a forte of mine. My experience is with ppc, cpm and ppv campaigns.

      Now, what I mean by sticking to large markets is…if we look at ringtones for example. That market is huge. I look at it as an umbrella of thousands of different music artists and phone models. I would attack one music artist for testing. Likelihood is if I get one artist to work, I can get the thousands of other artists to work too. So I'm not hitting ringtones head on. I'm taking a small section and if I get that to work I know I can blow things up.

      Hope that helps.

  7. Whew! a lot in there but it certainly was interesting.

  8. NathanT says:

    Greetings fellow Kiwi

    Great post. Thanks for the refocus.

    PS Love your photoshop work. Makes the read much more enjoyable

  9. Lorne Fade says:

    An ever insightful post once again Mr. Green. I have heard that its actually the 7 people you surround yourself with the most, however 5 sounds even better.

    Its all about determination, dedication and a willingness to success.

    Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard for it.

  10. Guabtron says:

    I'll expand a little more on the distribution channels, it'd be more useful if these posts had more concrete examples.

    I'll start the list if you make free software:

    – Every download portal out there.

    – Your own site.

    – Send press releases to every blogger that has ever talked about your product before, if your product is new, choose those that talk about your competition, if you have no competition just go with your gut and make a list of about 100 bloggers to start. Do not be bummed if the top blogs don't take your tips, even if you have something truly amazing for them to talk about rather than the bullshit articles they post (since there's a lot of paid posts out there)

    – Start a closed beta tester community, and keep it alive with important progress on the product. Make sure you choose your testers well.

    – Start an open tester community for more mature versions of your product.

    – If you actually have money for advertising, make sure you can actually convert it wisely. If you can figure all that out, then do ads.

    – Try partner with other products that are symbiotic to yours and have them offer your product in the most organic way possible (when it makes sense to offer your product, not just an annoying ad)

    – Make torrents out of every version of your product

    – Share your product on p2p networks

    I'm all ears for more distribution tips, especially for Android/iPhone apps.

  11. Belinda says:

    Great blog Mr. Green, lot's of wisdom and inspiration. Although I believe, living somewhere like NZ, while it has it networking challenges – overcoming those means you have been even more successful – having to fly in cyberspace without being able to touchdown very often!

  12. Phoenix says:

    good post and sorry to say old info

    Dale Carnegie has all this in "think and grow rich"

    who then was preached by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

    who taught Jim Rohn

    who Tony Robbins was an under-studying too

    Then T Harv Eker re-packages as "millionaire mind"

    and James Ray 'raped' (enjoy your jail time ray… you deserve it)

    My point.


    Especially when few do ?

    Its easy to sprout sayings. Lets see people follow them when they are testing campaigns that are losing and focusing more on the money then the data to make money. IMHO.

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      Hi Phoenix,

      Being a millionaire is old news. It's good to see successful people are churning out similar content. I'm guessing it's similar because they all became successful by following the similar steps.


      Especially when few do ?"

      That's totally up to you. If it was easy to do. It would be easy to be successful…which it's not.

      Yes it is easy to sprout sayings. But I'm not sprouting sayings of things I want to follow in the future. They are sayings I have followed or have been learning to follow for the past 2+ years(except for the point about moving countries).

      But like mentioned in the last point what works for person A does not always work for person B. I'm sure there have been successful people before that are aren't social, copy people, are emotional and keep themselves in closed box.

      I can only speak from my experiences.

      • Phoenix says:

        awesome Mr. Green !

        That you do vs. just say

        the msg wasnt for you, but for those not can talk but dont walk it.

        I know you walk your talk and talk you walk.

        Keep on Keeping On your my last NZ bud since Mark Joyner just moved to SF !

        • Lorenzo Green says:

          Thanks Phoenix,

          Wow never I've heard of Mark until now…I just searched his name, will look into his stuff.

  13. browie says:

    Quite a bit to take in. All of these points are great. You just inspired me to really go for it instead of being comfortable like you mentioned.

    On to $1 million dollars…..

  14. Carl says:

    Hi Lorenzo,

    I think 3 years is a great number to throw out there. So many people think "overnight" only to give up overnight. To achieve a level of success in any venue it takes work, persistence and determination, which is exactly what you've emphasized in this article. Great job!

    Also, I agree with NathanT…your pics really help make your articles entertaining!

  15. Earl Grey says:

    Anyone wanna do a cliffs notes

  16. newjersey says:

    wtf the ADHD summary should have been at the top

    just kidding great post.

    your point about being near other affiliates vs. being in new zealand overlooks one important aspect.. you are not taxed on your income nearly as much as anywhere else in the world. You are right below Hong Kong with regard to being pure capitalism / low taxes I believe.

  17. Josh Todd says:

    Epic, epic, EPIC post dude. Glad the post drought is over.

  18. Nunya Bizness says:

    I am hypnotized by the dolphin. Awesome post, rings true in so many ways. Must…stop…procrastinating.

  19. d3so says:

    Awesome post. I have to admit your posts keep me fired up more than any other blog.

    I wish I could work with you in AM but you're already on top and I'm just a shrimp.

    Keep it up!

  20. Kang says:

    Gotta love your posts Lorenzo.

    Entertaining + insightful.

    Now back to the grind!

  21. Nick says:

    Pardon my noobness, but is Mr. Shave the only reason for the same offer X working on one particular network and not on the other. Given that we work with safe, reputable networks, it seems surreal that there could be such a ROI discrepancy, especially when the landing pages/load times should be identical. Am I missing something here?

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      In terms of my example, I am unsure what made such of a difference. I'm pretty certain it was bigger than a shaving or scrubbing issue. The network might of had some tracking issues that day…I don't know.

      There are a lot of factors that can make one network out preform another. I'm sure one of the affiliate managers reading this could give the full run down. Any stunningly awesome affiliate managers want to answer?

  22. James says:

    Hey Lorenzo!

    Amazing post as always, I've got so much more to think about now!!

    A quick question though:

    Number 19, in your case, was it EXACTLY the same offer on another network, or did it have a different LP or some differences like that? I'm just wondering how on earth it worked so well on a different network!


    • Lance says:

      James, some networks may not have certain converting offers direct and there may be an extra redirect/jump link involved. This is one cause of discrepancy for the varying CR of the same offer from two different networks. =)

  23. says:

    great post. the best part was the adhd summary. Why can't i stop looking at the dolphin?!

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      It's the adhd dolphin. Tis proven to hold the concentration of adhd victims longer than any other single image.

  24. Ziah says:

    I am in Russia. I'm an American in Russia. A Russian mosquito just tried to attack me while I was reading your juicy post. I did manage to survive, although 1 quart less blood. I love your stuff…especially when you don't care about swearing. Please swear more. It's fucking fantastic. I think the best part of this is not giving up. People think this is an easy business. If it were easy, then everyone would be doing it. Us affiliates are a deranged lot and quite unique. It's the "ebook garbage cycle" we go through. Something inside me still wants to beat Michael Jones and his voice to smithereens. I got the will, just waiting for intel on where he is hiding. Oh and when you get bigger, get some help. Outsource that stuff. I got happy lil guys from all over the world happily working for me….cheap too. That's all. I gotta go.

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      Hahaha I'm glad you managed to survive. Yes all of us affiliates are deranged in some unique way. Mother Russia is good place to outsource programmers, I got one great one out there. Was hoping to get some vodka and caviar as a Christmas present, no luck so far.

      • Ziah says:

        Oh I can send you some vodka, caviar (red or black?) cucumber, and dried fish. You need some BUTTER and some nice bread to go with it *DELISH* People have NO idea what they are missing man. Another creepy thing here is that there's TONS of OLD hags….but NO old dudes. I think it's cannibalism. BTW KGB says they approve of Mr. Green Blog. Until next time

        Do Svedanya!

        • Lorenzo Green says:

          Ooowee black caviar sounds on buttered bread sounds good…….I'm hoping old dudes aren't missing because they got turned into caviar by angry wives who were fed up by their bad drinking habits.

  25. Hank says:

    Great post.

    I believe all these are great simple truths.To hang with people that have a job. Are fun, but not millionaires will not make you a millionaire, or very successful.

    Something to really contemplate. Who do you like hanging with? Who should you hang with?

    As entrepreneurs the truth here is there is no middle ground. You cannot have both.

  26. Adam says:


    Great post, I've been in the industry for quite awhile now and made the big mistake you pointed out and that is "Not To Get Burned Out".

    I've basically forced myself to take a month away from anything affiliate related (except for maybe an article here and there) and begun to expand upon my social life some more.

    It really does help to make sure you HAVE some social life outside of your work life, it will help you in a large amount of ways and it will keep you fresh.

    Don't be a fool and work like a tank and ignore your social life until you burn out, cause you'll end up having to force yourself to take a larger amount of time off to re-gain your focus.

  27. David says:

    Watch out…my next blog post is going to be 'How to become an affiliate millionaire in 2 years, 364 days'

  28. Debt Leads says:

    This is such a broad post though. Its difficult to suddenly accumulate successful friends. Very difficult, if i knew 5 millionares my life would be pretty easy considering. But in any effect, good post, thanks for info

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      Other than a certain mindset, there are no specifics about being an affiliate millionaire. The reason why affiliate marketing is so powerful is you can do it in a million and one ways. Whatever works best for you.

  29. Jean says:

    Great post! Looks like I have some adjustments to make

  30. […] a bumbling. Mr. Green (which btw is one of the few blogs I read) posted a great post the other day How To Become An Affiliate Millionaire In Three Years.  I read it 3 times because there is so much there, that is so true. I wanted to touch on what I […]

  31. thanh says:

    as always, i love your posts! 🙂 what a good motivator you are

  32. Josh says:

    Great post as always!

  33. Roland says:

    It's such a blessing to be a part of Lorenzo's world.

  34. jessie says:

    Very good advice….I definetely fall under the adhd category lol. Maybe that is why it took me 5 hours to read your post.

  35. Volomike says:

    Something that has been painful for me to accept has been to stop coming up with ideas. Startup companies don't need yet another "idea guy". Just writing this, or you reading this, you could have probably come up with 10 killer ideas to get rich online. Ideas are a dime a dozen. But it's the determination, focus, savvy marketing and promotion, savvy business sense — these things that make those ideas become real.

    So my advice is to stick with 3 insanely great ideas, learn as you go, and three being a good number to hedge your bets. Do your research to see if it's a good market, moderate cost to delivery, and that might have good returns, before you pick that idea. And then, focus!

  36. "So you did well with one offer on a network and became emotionally attached. Don’t get blinded and only running offers on your ‘buddy buddy’ network."

    ~nice statement

    and also ~nice is…

    NEVER Ask “Do You Think This Will Work?” – If you get an answer 90% of the time, it will be plucked out of thin air. Do you know who is the only person that knows the answer like that? The Mightly Super Captain Test-it.

  37. Good read | IM Links says:

    […] Great post from Mr Green (last month – sorry) entitled “How to Become an Affiliate Millionaire in Three Years“. […]

  38. You have a excellent Blog right here Mate. Love your articles very informative, Please keep up the good work.

  39. imKazu says:

    solid advices,

    15. Don’t Get Comfortable

    that I believe separates the successful guys from the one shot guys.

    was a great read !

  40. Fantastic advice. I will be printing this out and placing above my desk!! Thanks again Dr N

  41. Good post as always MG! 😀

  42. Phoenix says:

    2 things Mr. Green.

    1. I should have printed this out. Since, as much as I know these. I violated a few and have paid the price. (lol… so much for calling people on 'knowing and not doing it' [remove foot from mouth…mmmmmmm fresh hubris…tasty!])

    2. Just got done talking to MJ (mark joyner) and posted up on my blog A little intro to the 'godfather of IM'

    p.s. my blog is going in a diff. direction. Less anger, More solutions!

  43. […] Who Wants To Be An Affiliate Millionaire? – Mr. Green delivers another awesome post about being an affiliate millionaire. Some good stuff for sure. […]

  44. Pamela says:

    It sounds like you live in New Zealand. I do too and would love to get to know other affiliates here. I agree with everything you say!!

  45. I just love your content always motivates me and inspires me.. Thanks and keep it coming.

  46. well said, really tallied with my efforts and found most of them matching, in terms of being an introvert or say not being so social. The one thing most important is being emotional. Thanks for this guide.

  47. Josh says:

    1 million dollars isn't cool

    you know what's cool…?

    1 billion!

  48. Epic post Mr. Green. Lots of great advice. Thanks for putting it all together… and yes, that quivering dolphin is kind of hypnotic.

  49. […] How to Become an Affiliate Millionaire in Three Years Blogger Mr. Green brings us perhaps his longest post to date, discussing an article he came across on how to become an internet millionaire in just three years.  He was pleasantly surprised to find that the article wasn’t just a bunch of nonsense or a lead in for some kind of “make money online” product.  He pulls out some of his favorite suggestions from the article and includes his own spin on each one.  Don’t let the epic length of the post put you off.  It is well worth the read. […]

  50. Stephen says:

    Great Post Mr Green. Really says it all.

    The biggest secret is not getting distracted by the flashy lights. Stop Being Golem and Start Being Frodo

  51. Mike @ SEO says:

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