Guruology: The Art of Selling to Newbies
By on Jul 06, 2010

mr green affiliate guru

I hope you all enjoyed my free affiliate marketing report that I sent out yesterday. It was an example of lame guru link-bait that you’ve seen before, providing the feeling of hope and excitement closely followed by disappointment. No, I did not make a free report or ebook. No, I’m not going to give you my campaigns. No, Christmas is not coming early.

Gurus…gurus…gurus. In every field there is a ton of “gurus”. Out of these, I would say 2% actually know what they’re talking about (are currently running relevant campaigns), while 98%ย  just know how to talk/write about vague but luring content.

For a very long time, I couldn’t help but get frustrated at people that sell guru products.ย  I kept seeing self-titled gurus giving out terrible advice, boasting about a one off success they had, but couldn’t practice what they preached. We’ve all seen the incredible number of programs set up to hook newbies with empty promises. Just put three cute words together and you too can be a guru e.g “Make Monies Magician”, “Cold Ca$h Coach” or “Sneaky Snuffer Samurai”.

It’s always rubbed me the wrong way, I’m unsure why but it has. I guess when I was a newbie one of my biggest problems was information overload. And when your getting feed absolute crap from all angles , you just can’t know where to start.

So why is there this mindset that you need buy into training materials to be successful with online marketing?

Frankly I do not know. The BEST information you can acquire is real testing data.

affiliate story time

Story time!!! When I first started out with AM two years ago, I was in a brain crew with about 8 other newbie affiliates. The rules were that we had to spend $250 worth of Facebook/Yahoo coupons within a certain amount of time or we would get kicked out of the group.

Simple huh?

brain crewWell out of those 8, two didn’t make it to the second round. They had one thing in common. They were stuck reading and buying into a ton of information which in the end, paralyzed them for taking any action at all.

The 6 that were remaining, are all still successfully doing AM now. As cheesy as it is, I made all my passwords “justdoit” so that I’d always remind myself to take action, instead of getting caught searching for the “silver bullet” to make things work.

Ok Mr Green, I am really new to all this and I don’t have a cool brain crew like you did, who are the legit gurus?

There will be a new guru product coming out every week claiming to make you even more richer than the last. No one is going to spoon feed you from start to finish. So if you decide to buy some guru stuff look at as a supplement to your own testing. Do not come into the game with an open mind to “make money online” or you will get screwed left right out. For starters aim to be good at one traffic source. The keyword here is FOCUS.

In no particular order pick one of these traffic sources:

  • Pay per click
  • Plenty of Fish Ads
  • Pay per view
  • Facebook Ads

Erase the other three from your mind.

I mentioned that 98% of guru products are crap, but there is that 2% that can help you if you are starting out. Here are the gurus I recommend for you to follow, because I know they actually know what they are talking about.

a team

You gurus can fight over who's who.

Pay per click – Amish Shah and Jay Styles (The first time I heard about these guys was when they blogged about a successful $500/day Adwords campaign. The next day I saw 10 duplicates of that campaign on Adwords. They are some of the only gurus that give out REAL gems)

Plenty of Fish – Christian Weselak (I threw up a little inside when I saw his sales video for his Plenty of Fish product. However, he ended up giving me a free look into his product and I was very pleasantly surprised. He has done a ton of volume on POF and openly shares non generic tips)

Pay per view – David Ford (He hates being called guru, which is a good sign)

Facebook – Jonathan Volk (All I can say is we don’t get along at all, and I’m still recommending his stuff)

If you decide to invest and money into guru products just be sure that the guru practices what he preaches. Do you really want to waste money on being taught by a hypocrite?

P.S. –ย  If this post has a bit of an angry tone, I blame it on my two favorite teams being knocked out of the World Cup in the first round.

P.P.S. – Nana Gilbert-Baffoe just informed me that he was the original guru. So if you aspire to become a guru I would hit him up.

P.P.P.S. – I want to know which guru came up with this “p.s” technique. Is it really necessary? Did someone split test sales letters with and without? Or was it just gurus being sheep?

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  1. Affbuzz says:

    Excellent work Lozo and not a single affiliate link to be found!

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  2. The anti-guru… love it.

  3. robeezy says:

    I'm going in



  4. Kiwi_Bob says:

    I died a little inside when New Zealand bowed out…

  5. Liam says:

    The point of the P.S. is to capture the attention of the people who skim the sales letter or jump to the end of the page to find out the price.

  6. sean says:

    Hey, nice post. I'm not saying I don't agree I'm just saying that's how the game is played in the majority of instances in any imaginable market you can think of… NOT just in the "make money online" world…

    I've seen both worlds and it's funny how so many people can think so ass backwards… I'm NOT talking about you personally but here's what usually happens…

    Affiliate A complains about Guru B because he promised Affiliate A a bunch of money making gold if he bought Guru B's product; he was of course let down so he asked for a refund and complained about how Gurus always make shoddy products, claim that they are so great when they are actually crap…

    After Affiliate A is done venting he goes back to his Affiliate marketing campaigns where he/she is selling shoddy products that get massive charge backs, so many in fact that it caused the FTC to step in and actually change the rules around so that you could no longer make fake blogs (not that you were ever really aloud)…

    …and also caused credit card companies to changed their rules around and stomp out a lot of forced continuity programs and also caused Google to wipe out thousands of affiliates, all with the same time period.

    WHY? Because the affiliates could care less about the quality of the products they were promoting… They were promising the world and delivering garbage to the end user… Irony??

  7. david says:

    the p.s. stuff isn't from any guru…that's copywriting stuff that's been around for a while. most good sales letters have a p.s. because a lot of times readers will just go straight to the bottom of the letter.

    i don't know who started it but probably someone like dan kennedy, but it could go much farther back than that

  8. Nana says:

    Nice, I made it into the P.P.S of a MrGreen post.

  9. Mr.D says:

    Man, hope you don't end up like the rest selling ebook, forum subscription or some university. cant really stand it no matter how cheap it is. None of them really as passionate to help newbie other than monetize from them.

    You are the best blogger so far.

  10. rongright says:

    Thanks for the reminder and also for the honest list of gurus that you can trust. You need some role model to start with. BTW, why did this guy copy your post with no attribution links? It is the other extreme of guru scheme I guess.

    Where do I read more about Christian Weselak? I couldn't locate his blog or product.

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      Haha I'm seeing a lot of those types of sites popping up lately, not sure what they got going on. Christian runs It was a limited offer for real.

  11. Thanks for the mention. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now that I've been following more and more guru product launches, I have to say, there needs to be a clear line that defines a "guru" or some random dude with a clickbank product.

    I've had a lot of clickbank product owners ask me to do JV's and mail swaps and frankly, most of those products are crap – 90%+ easily.

    However "gurus" like Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern, Brad Callen, Jeff Walker, Shoemoney etc really do know their stuff and are gurus in my opinion. It's simply a different type of marketing that most of us affiliates generally don't focus on. While we focus on traffic arbi, they focus on list building in niche markets.

    Andy Jenkins for example did this with many ecommerce sites – non-make money online – and made millions. In fact, one of his sites was featured on a TLC show.

    Brad Callen was called an expert in SEO. He was one of the original guys to make an ebook on SEO because his wedding favor site (which remains the number 1 result in Google today) was making millions after he spent the time to figure out how to get his site to the top of Google.

    Frank kern has been responsible for numerous non-make money online product launches – some that have done 8 figures. ($20 million+).

    Jeff Walker was one of the original guys to develop the product launch formula and his techniques are now used by just about every major guru.

    Although Shoemoney has never publicly posted it, I know that his company was doing high 6 figures per month on Facebook ads for a while.

    Are these guys gurus at traffic arbi like us? Probably not. But does that make them any less guru like?

    Basically, I'm just trying to say that many of the top gurus that I appreciate and follow are people who have made it outside of the make money online niche but use their experience to build another business.

    Either way – good post and the ebook you posted yesterday was hilarious. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Mr Green: Guruology: The Art of Selling to Newbies ยป Feed, Affbuzz, View ยป Tjoozey Labs Development - says:

    […] full post on Affbuzz RSS Feed If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it! Tagged with: Green […]

  13. Just do it. Best secret ever. Free here.

  14. Silver says:

    Lorenzo you were my guru until this post ๐Ÿ™

  15. browie says:

    Don't get along with Volk huh? Have a little cat fight at some conference?

    Ford does know what he's talking about. I love that forum he's got.

  16. Cash37 says:

    All the credibility on this blog left when you recommended Volk's product.

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      Which product are you referring to? I recommended Volk because I know he has had tonnes of success with Facebook and obviously is someone who can practice what he preaches.

      • Cash37 says:

        This is all true. But the ebook was void of any good information IMO. Not even one money-making nugget. Just my opinion.

        • Lorenzo Green says:

          I totally agree.

          I don't find the ebook helpful either. I would of expected something a bit better. However it wasn't targeted to people who had experience with Facebook, he was selling to newbies. It covers everything newbies need to know.

          I recommend it to newbies primarily on the point that he knows what he's talking about. It's first had experience not just info compiled from forums and blogs.

          Amish and Jay Styles are an exception to the guru bracket. Although they target newbies they have some great stuff from seasoned affiliates too. A few info nuggets here and there, but more so because of their sick tool sets.

        • newbie says:

          totally agree! i was a reader of volk till i brought his crap facebook ebook.

  17. David says:

    Now are you going to photoshop me into a Nixon pic saying 'I am not a guru'?

  18. good post…it's true that the best data comes from your own testing, and not from buying expensive training from so-called "gurus"

  19. JustDoIt says:

    haha, hilarious when i find these gurus making millions already and still monetize small figure from newbie or small affiliate by claiming they have a heart and passion to help people. fuckin bull shit scam.

    hmm, maybe their offer went tank and need some money to pay the bills for their blog/forum webhosting?

    dont bother anyway, stick with mrgreen and back to work lads.

  20. Chad says:

    Good post… that said, I think you can put out training materials that offer a lot of value, and can get people up to speed much quicker than trial and error. I know I've helped guys get profitable way faster than they normally would have, and thats just with a free webinar.

    Fact is, these guys that are gurus are establishing much better assets than a lot of CPA/affiliate marketers. Grinding hours upon hours is cool for a while, but it's not a very leveraged and long term play. Neither is dishing out garbage information and charging a premium for it.

    I think if you got real world experience offering value and you're charging for that knowledge, no problem. People can say "oh that guy sold out", but if he's offering actual good info, I'll say "that guy grew up".

    That said, there are some pretty low quality products that sell for a premium. But I've sold my share of Acai, so what can I say. At least I sold it for $1.95 and not $997 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Ben says:

    Doesn't GURU stand for:





    … bit of a stretch, I know ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. barbaman says:

    how true we almost ready to launch,but there are so many gurus,we still have not decided,thank you

  23. Leon Zapata says:

    Great post.

    Many of thé gurus say it is Time to give back to thé society. I Heard some audio tapes from Robert Kiyosaki with thé same preaching, but at thé end hé looks for people to pay from $15000 to $45000 USD for his 5 to 10 weekeend workshops. B.S. Many say that their technics are those tha Will make you millionaire.

  24. Excellent post and I am glad I found your blog, (Christian W (PPCNinja) sent me an email to come and have a look.

    Thanks very much!

  25. mirror says:

    You are just a wolf calling other wolf a wolf.


    You are just a bad guru trying to call other guru a bad guru.

    recommending all your own close friend as guru you can trust, haha isnt that just a propaganda?

    why dont you close this blog, and do niche marketing instead, if you really hate other people who don't even think of becoming a guru(they just want to make some money out of information sharing).

    mr green? haha stupid character for stupid marketing stunt. ceh.

  26. Johnny the Doe says:

    Mr Green is becoming PPC.BZ no. 2 only here we actually know how he makes his money ๐Ÿ˜›

  27. Murlu says:

    I've always hated the hype aspect of what everyone is selling.

    You see big numbers. I just made $1,000,000 dollars with this new secret (not really) by selling this product (scammy). What they don't disclose is how they also spent nearly $999,999 doing it.

    Additionally, almost every product launch I've seen that has a "new traffic source", "secret money method", "automated income" contains every bit of information you could find with 30 seconds of searching.

    Not to mention that if they were to reveal this "secret" everyone would catch on and realize there's no point in investing in the product.

    A few other terms I hate (which have become a trend):

    No website

    No list


    No money

    It reminds me of stuff people tried to pull but now it's been relabeled – what they're telling me is you can "get rich doing nothing".

    I thought we got over this.

    Idk, maybe I'm just ranting but people really need to step up their game. If you're going to offer products that people could find readily online – at least make it a reasonable price.

    Yes, you've done the research and put together a great set of instructions but don't go charging $47/97/197/blah blah blah for it. Make it like $20 at most; charge it for the time they could save, not that "this information is easily worth thousands of dollars, I've talked with people and they say it should easily be $2000" – yeah, okay buddy.

    Over and out.

    • JustDoIt says:

      at most $20?

      you can see plenty at warrior forum lol. they claim they aint really wanna profit from it but they release ebook every single week and say this aint BS or rehashed.

  28. Kaine says:

    This is so f'ing funny it hurts…we are all suckers to the "GURU" some even ardent worshippers…even worse. I know a lota gurus who ask for feedback or use questions I ask in teleseminars to create their next product launch (look what I discovered working 3 years on this "LUHOLE"…spelling error "loophole".

    Keep it up. Wish there was a place for wannabes to go and check out real testimonials from real newbie success stories…now now ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      I like that idea of real reviews. Do it!!!

      The vast majority of guru products use paid (directly or indirectly) reviews. How the heck can you expect any kind of truth coming out of those.

      • JustDoIt says:

        yeah 99.9% review or testimonial are incentive with free ebook review copy given out to those cant afford or it's their friend.

        these guru will provide incentive again to their buyer again with discount for their next product.

        but one thing in common bout these reviews are non of it says they've put it into action and get real result!

  29. Linda says:

    I am grateful to loads and loads of free info from anyone that helps me in my business or otherwise!

  30. rob says:

    Great post Mr Green.

    Tell me, what are you thoughts on YouTube advertising – any recommended "guru" for that or is it plain not worth it?

    • Lorenzo Green says:

      I have a friend who has had a very successful Youtube advertising campaign for a his longboard company. Other than that I haven't heard a thing about it.

  31. Sam says:

    Well Matt Harward was a guru but he's now considered a thief.

  32. […] Guruology: The Art of Selling Stuff To Newbies – While I actually disagree with Mr.Green's point of view for some of this post, it still has some good info. I left a big comment that you can read my point of view on it all rather than rehash it all here. […]

  33. d3so says:

    I wish I could create a team like you. But I bet it'd be a long process trying to build trust.

    I'm gonna try to go solo and take it one step at a time.

    Out of all those traffic sources. Which should a noob use first?

  34. Wait… No… Yeah… no… wait…

    Are all of you guys marketers complaining about marketers doing what marketers do best?


    All I'm seeing here is a bunch of you saying, "I hate internet marketers that do marketing."

    If that's the case go kill yourself now… or you could just go back to your 9 – 5 accounting desk job.

  35. Ryan Eagle says:

    Guruolgy, ha that is hilarious. Great blog!

  36. Answer to your question = sheep.

  37. This post was hilarious had to comment. However, really long! guruology! Nice post thanks for info

  38. Carl says:

    Hi Lorenzo,

    Yeah, it's so easy for newcomers to get caught up in the latest and greatest guru product. With all the promises they make in their pitches, it's easy to see how. Everyone wants to try and shave as much time off the learning curve to success as possible and that's what so many guru products claim to do. The downside is that lessons are better learned from your own failures than from reading about someone else's.

    Nice of you to post up some of the more legit info products out there to help people from wasting there time.

    Once again, another great post…thanks!


  39. niche marketing has been the backbone of my money making websites.,'

    • Sierra says:

      The hard part is finding the right niche then finding someone to give you a decent price on a website.
      "If its sanity you are after there is no recipe like laughter."

  40. My brother suggested I would possibly like this web site. He was once totally right. This post truly made my day. You cann’t believe simply how so much time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

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