6 Seductive CTR Tips
By on Feb 15, 2010

Seducing a user into clicking your ads is one of the most important aspects in affiliate marketing. Even more so when you are involved with CPM buys. There are millions of different variations in color, layout, and ad copy that will effect your ctr.

This is a default creative I pulled from a network. I heavily advise against relying on them. Listed below are examples of changes I have made that have had biggest influences on CTR:

The Scroll Bar: Using a static scroll bar, has worked well for me when you are using an image people want to see more of. Dating campaigns are the obvious ones.

The Video: This one is perfect when advertising on video or game sites. Although this ad creative does not need to play a video when clicked, it is vital that you show some sort of video on your landing page. When I’ve used creatives like these I’ve gone from profit to loss if I take the video off of my landing page.

The Animation: Haha ok I got a bit carried away here. But I’m just trying to focus on pointing out a technique. Animation is one of the easiest ways to improve your CTRs. However don’t over do it or it will take the reverse effect. I bet you this animation has probably already started bugging you. Likelihood is you will get a lot of complaints about your ad which will spell the end of your campaign. So start testing with a blinking action button. If that is successful then experiment with animating other parts of your creatives. My guess is some of you are thinking, “Aww but Mr Green I know have to hire a flash designer”. No you don’t my good friend. Photoshop have setup the best and easiest animation tool you will ever need. You can check out a tutorial here.

The Simple Style: Here is the complete opposite of the previous example. Something so simple, so clear, so boring, that when against a background of animated ads this one sticks out like a sore thumb.

The Multi Zone: This one works well on news sites. With this layout you can have multiple attempts at seducing a user. This is perfect when you are promoting offers that have many pitching angles. For example if you were promoting running shoes, one ad title could be “Get Fit This Summer”, with the second ad title saying “Tired of Sore Feet?”. You get the idea.

The Testimonial: It’s been said that a good testimonial is 20 times more powerful than anything that you can say about your own product. In theory testimonials can say things which you cannot. If you said the same things they would be perceived as arrogant or bragging. You can ask most affiliate networks for real testimonials. If they can’t supply you one, hunt round on Google for reviews about the product.


NEVER EVER be happy with your ctr. There are a million and one different ways you can design a creative.

Test test test!

Do it! Do it!

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  1. DrHowe says:

    Mr. Green these ad tips are awesome. I'm about to get on the one way train to profit town.

  2. David says:

    omg this is the best blog ever…how can I top this!

  3. Affbuzz says:

    I always thought David and Lorenzo were the same person.

  4. Adding Pedobear to all creatives now…

    Wow thx for the tipz bro

  5. gdubs says:

    that scroll bar idea is great. Oh, and pedo bear increases CTR an automatic 2%. ive done testing.

  6. Darren says:

    Thx Mr Green. Great job with the blog. BTW, Blues, Chiefs, Canes, Crusaders or Highlanders?

  7. PPC Icon says:

    Holy smoke, that scroll bar and video image tip was awesome, many thanks!

  8. […] 6 Seductive CTR Tips (See screen shots) “Seducing a user into clicking your ads is one of the most important aspects in affiliate marketing. Even more so when you are involved with CPM buys. There are millions of different variations in color, layout, and ad copy that will effect your ctr.” […]

  9. Josh Todd says:

    Facebook is disapproving ads with the video play button, at least if you don't have a video on the page. That might work.

  10. Lorenzo says:

    @Josh – Yeah you will find it hard to get the video ad accepted on Facebook. It was more of an example for media buying.

  11. andrew wee says:

    @Lorenzo – keep up the great posts. this might end up as the de-facto media buy playbook blog.

  12. Foong says:

    Killer tips there man ! Totally killing !

  13. Dordor says:

    Awesome tip! Do you know if Adwords approve the scroll bar/play button ideas?

  14. Hey, j'ai trouvé votre site via Google et je tenais à vous en féliciter car il est sympa.

  15. I didn't know that Pedobear could increase strongly the CTR of ad on website…

    I think it will be very useful for my MFAs 🙂

  16. Alex Madison says:

    thanks mr green. i am still new in ppv and ppc advertising. i will give a try on each example you gave. we will see which one give the biggest impact

  17. Phone case says:

    Thanks for these useful tips, I especially love the pedo-bear one 😀 But you are totally right : it is pretty disturbing in the long run… Use it smoothly !

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