$1,432,127 Friendships.
By on Jun 09, 2011

This is a guest post from a guy who needs no introduction…but I’m going to introduce him anyway. Introducing the happiest, funnest, nicest, gayest, most upbeat affiliate marketer this industry has ever been blessed with…I welcome “The Angry Russian” a.k.a Alex from flipsitemedia.com!

computer addictThe Angry Russian: Why are soo many affiliates hermits?

Mr Green: I dunno, why?

The Angry Russian: That was a rhetorical question…please just shut up.

Mr Green:

The Angry Russian: Anyway, Is it the nature of the work? Or does this work attract these types of people? Either way the key to success is to build long lasting true relationships, and NO I don’t mean have a bunch of buddies on FB/ Twiitter or some forum. Until you shake a mans hand and share a beer (orย  a warm milk for those of you of a different persuasion) it doesn’t count.

Im going to tell you about some people in my life who have been critical to my success, and then give you steps on how to get out of your shell.

1. Wes Mahler

wes mahler

Pic of Wes when he found out he was mentioned on mrgreen.am

When I was getting into the make muniez world I joined Meetup.com and saw some weird thing called Meetup202 San Francisco- Make Money Online. There I met Wes and was introduced to his software. Tracking 202 has helped hundreds, maybe thousands of people succeed online, including me. Thanks to him and his movement I was able to meet some of my dearest friends and business contacts. He was the one who turned me on to paid traffic, and made me forget all about SEO, so thank you Wes, you’re still the man and Bloosky can suck it.

Mr Green: + 1 for Mr Mahler.

2. Ruck Ralphman

ruck ralphman

I think it's impossible to find a photo of Ruck smiling.

I used to read Cashtactics religiously when getting started out. Ruck had the best no nonsense step by step guides in the biz. When he started his network Convert2Media I JUMPED at the chance to work with him and signed up as a pub. One of his posts in the C2M forum showed exactly how to run skincare. I followed his steps and this turned into my first $1,000/day profit campaigns and turned affiliate marketing into a full time career. I finally got to meet ruck at ASW and it was a very humbling experience to see how chill this guy was. He continues to inspire not just with finances but with his ability to shed 50 lbs like he was on Dancing With the Stars.

Mr Green: +1 for Ralphy.

3. Justin Barr

justin barr

I couldn't find a pic of JB, so I got this pic of a hipster.

Some of you know him as Affbuzz, but I know him as the hardest working man in the game. He is like a sponge when it comes to learning. At first I was sharing tips and tricks with him, and within a year he has advanced to a new level proving that anyone really can succeed with hard work and dedication. He has been crucial in helping me sort out media buying. JB doesn’t like attention so he might block this post from making AffBuzz top posts ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks JB and to your continued success brother.

Mr Green: Call me JB!

4. Jonny Deyo

Weird, pic didn't seem to load, oh well.

A soft spoken Canadian, that hides his brilliance with his demeanor. Met him at a 202 meetupย  and after a few beers mentions that he is KILLING on FB. This is before everyone and their mother jumped on the bandwagon. At this point I was still struggling and Google was making it harder by the day for an affiliate. He taught me to look to greener pastures and hooked me up withย  FB Ad Manager before anyone else got their greasy paws on it. To this day I use some of the tactics he taught me. I know Mr. Green isn’t the biggest fan, but can’t we just all hug and make up?

Mr Green: I would add this guy to my “”friends” who lost me the most money” list. Still waiting on your response Mr Deyo…Out of curiosity can you kill someone with a hug?

The Angry Russian: …moving on…

The Angry Russian: There are dozens more people without whom I’d never be able to get to the level I’m at now.ย  To name a few more Alex Tshering, Jason (Ads4Dough) Silver Stoltsen, Wes Brooks, Nana Gilber-Bafoe, Eleah (AdSimilis), Matt Wasserman, Fraser (MundoMedia), Ben (eAds), Sarah (WebTraffic2Go), Rich (Pulse360), Matt (SiteScout) and of course Lorenzo Green.

As you can see sitting behind a computer screen won’t get you where you want to be.

Follow these easy steps to branch out and benefit from shared experience and expertise.

Step 1: Go to conferences.

Very few people get anything “done” during conferences. The real point is to hang out with your peers and bullshit about the game and have a good time. After all we’re all self employed and one of the things I miss most from having a real job was the Friday night happy hour to bitch about ourdum ass bosses.ย  I still remember my first conference (Aff Summit Boston) where I met a bunch of guys from WickedFire and partied with Sean Collins on a boat.

affiliate conference

Which conferences are good?

Ad:Tech SF and NYC

Affiliate Summit – NYC is good, but Vegas is OUT OF CONTROL

Ads4Dough if they have another one

Step 2: Reach out to people who live next to you.

Try Meetup.com and find local 202 meetups. If there isn’t one start your own. Go through MMO forums and let people know you’re organizing an event. Even if only a handful of people show up you never know how those people can help your business grow.

Step 3: Don’t be intimidated by “bloggers” and other names you heard of online.

These people are still people, and some of them are chill as shit (Lorenzo) and some are dicks (Nickycakes). The point is people are people, get to know them and you may have tons in common outside of IM.

Step 4: Give back. Stop holding on to everything like its some big secret.

By now you should realize there is no magic bullet push button insider only secret. Pay it forward and share your knowledge with others and you never know when someone may drop some knowledge to you to help you turn a profit.

Mr Green: Why haven’t you come and visited me when you are living so close by?

The Angry Russian: ….end of post.

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  1. Josh_Todd says:

    Right on the money.

  2. d3so says:

    I believe it. Have yet to make to an event, though.

    • I've been to no less that 5 affiliate summits adn 4 ad techs since I started. This is probalby my first year I'm skipping out and thats only due to the fact that I've been traveling like crazy.

      No wait I'm lying… since my travels I met affiliates in Bangkock 202 meetup. Also attended Ad:Tech melbourne, which was the weakest event to date.

  3. brian says:

    angry russian is my hero….i've learned a lot reading his stuff in STM forums

  4. Vanessa says:

    Terrific post Lorenzo. Guess after reading this you went the same way all the other successful people went… Paid traffic instead of working on SEO… I've found SEO to be a lot of work for little payback so I think I'm gonna try the Paid traffic way next. Thank for your great insight!

  5. "These people are still people, and some of them are chill as shit (Lorenzo) and some are dicks (Nickycakes)"


  6. huntersworld says:

    These people are still people, and some of them are chill as shit (Lorenzo) and some are dicks (Nickycakes).

    Super Like ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Ryan Eagle says:

    The conferences are a great way to network. I try and get to as many as my time permits. Great post!

  8. Daniel says:

    Nickycakes is the biggest dick in the world of Internet Marketing

  9. […] “$1,432,127 Friendships.“ – It’s time to get out of your shell and shake some hands. Networking and meeting people offline are the keys to success. Here are some tips and examples of people doing it well. […]

  10. Lucrumnet says:

    I 2nd that list. many of those names I owe a great deal to
    and yes…
    Wes ROCKS!. Bloosky SUCKS!!!

  11. Lorne Fade says:

    On the money. +1 for Mr. Green

  12. Aurea says:

    Very nice post, I never got bored reading. ๐Ÿ˜€ And very nice tips, giving your knowledge forward is indeed a good move in our part. We really indeed do not know, someone might drop by and give something very useful and profitable for us. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Paul says:

    I wish I could attend one of those conference where I could meet up with the top dogs of affiliate marketing. You've outdone yourself again this time +1 ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. @Angry Russian

    How long (up to date) you have been involve in internet marketing? I'm glad that you actually recommend attending different affiliate events (I wish I have the time and money to travel) but for a Malaysian like me who lives in a country without a lot knowing internet marketing and is DAMN far from the west, I couldn't make my way to these big events.

    And I've only in internet marketing for a year and still newbie. Would really know how long did you take to reach where you are now.

  15. Sohan says:

    Lol'd so hard at Nickycakes comment!

  16. Liam says:

    Interesting read – i'd never heard of The Angry Russian before if I'm honest!

  17. […] for a while and Eleah from Adsimilis came there too so we got to meet her as well. According to The Angry Russian, Justin doesn’t like attention, but I finally got to meet him as I owe him a great deal as I […]

  18. Eweezy says:

    Why am I just reading this now? Why am I reading posts from 2 years ago & not sleeping? <3 Grozny Russky and his dog stories con head spins, Lozo and his adventures of adobe pedoshops, the old school san fransians, and pretty much 99.99% of what and who is on that post. Even nicky caye in all his third person glory.

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  22. Terrific post Lorenzo. Guess after reading this you went the same way all the other successful people went… Paid traffic instead of working on SEO… I've found SEO to be a lot of work for little payback so I think I'm gonna try the Paid traffic way next. Thank for your great insight!

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