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Ello ello!

Welcome to MrGreen.am. Now I could bore you and talk about my pet turtle and how I’m allergic to dust mites, or Mr Green could talk about himself in third person, but he won’t do that. Instead, I will give a short a sweet version of who I am and what I’ve done online.

Here goes…

  • At 16 I starting doing a bit of freelance graphic design.
  • At 17 I dabbled with domain buying and selling. I was also being occasionaly paid to play Age of Empires for a “clan” (I’m not proud of that).
  • At 18 I went to my first domain name conference in the US. I starting working with SEO and PPC arbitrage.
  • At 19 PPC arbitrage started getting serious I was making ten of thousands of dollars per month do this.
  • At 20 I grew my first grey hairs after my business partner ran off with mid $xx,xxx of my own money. This was a huge turning point for me. Stopped PPC Arbitrage and went on to developing, buying and selling websites.
  • At 22 I finished university ( E-Commerce and digital media design). I was now faced with the decision of getting a “real job” or to continue pursuing making money online.  My online ventures were just too volatile at that time to make them a full-time job. I decided to give myself two months to make something stick or I would go down the 9-5 path. This was the launch of my full-time affiliate marketing career.
  • At 24 Affiliate marketing full-time. Launched mrgreen.am to document my work and vent my frustrations with the industry.
  • At 25 Leading a lifestyle I thouroughly enjoy, with an income I cannot complain about :D.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. You can email me using the contact form in the bottom right corner. If you want to learn more about making a living online then make sure you enter your email address in the blue box on the right sidebar…

hurtle the turtle

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Welcome to the best marketing blog, probably in the world. I'm a 20 something year old (increasing daily), full-time super superb affiliate marketer from New Zealand.
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